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1st Epi – Naagin 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3

Naagin 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With One Lady is Lying in Shiv Temple and One Snake Comes to Same Shiv temple. That woman is Mouni Roy otherwise known as Shivangi and She Opens Her Eyes and Looks at Lord Shiva such huge numbers of Snakes Around her and She is Wounded and She Remembers How Rocky Killed her She Says Why My Father and My better half Killed me I don’t Know But I will come soon With This Message Shivangi’s Story End here.

Another Nagin’s Story Start In Sawaym Bhoo Shiv Temple and A Voiceover Tell Temple’s History from where Naagin 3 Story will Start. So Many People at Temple and Shiv Ling’s Abhishek is Going On with Milk One Men is Going Towards Same Temple with JCB and Some Vehicle and They Stop at Temple’s Gate.

All the People come and See That Men is Sehgal who come to Destroy that Temple and Make Hotel. They Stop Sehgal But He Shows Papers and tells Pandit and People that he will make Hotel Here and No One Able to Stop Him and He Gives Orders to Destroy.

Pandit Curses Sehgal That This is So Old Temple so Many Snakes and their Ancestors are coming here Snakes are shielding this Temple from Thousand Years But He doesn’t Believe and Gives Orders to Destroy Temple and House.JCB going to Hit on sanctuary Suddenly Heavy Strome comes and Pandit reveals to KD Sehgal that One Naag and Naagin are Protecting this sanctuary But ND says He is Devil I will See How will come to Save this Temple from Me.

Pandit supplicates Shiv and Sanke (Naag) to Save the Temple. All of a sudden Thunder Strome there thus Many Sankes come to Save Shiv Ling and They assembled around the Temple.ND’s men take him Away and Pandit Curses KD Sehgal.

Snakes Start their work they Bite every one of the Mens who accompanied KD Sehgal and Rain Start and There are Flood of water around the temple.ND Seghal is getting Angry On His Politician companion His One Men come and Start Narration and Story about Temple that Chaudhari Naag and Naagin go to that Temple Every Full Moon.

ND gets Angry and Leaves with Threat to Same Men to get Contractor. That Men Says To Himself that Why Don’t you Believe Ikchadahri Naag Exist and That Men Turns to Snake and Goes Inside Same House.ND says His Friend That His Son is Having Party with His Friends. A few People are hosting Gathering On Road Yuvi is His Name and his sibling come and instructs them to go to Any Restaurant.

What’s more, They come to Restaurant and Start Flirting with two women They have Argument with Yuvi Two women instruct them to remain in their Limit Otherwise Kalu will come and They Laugh over name Kalu. Kalu is None other Then Kareena and She accompanies Gun and Threaten them and Beat Them. Yuvi going to Call his Father Just then Sonam Comes and takes Phone from him and Shows him that She is calling his Father and He Gets Scared and advises Not to call.

All young men Agree what Ladies need them to do they and Leave from there. With This, they Promote their Movie Veere di Wedding. Yuvi and his companion are Angry that they are offended by Girls But Yuvi and His Step sibling instruct them to go to their Land Same Temple and Same House They come and eager to See Shiv Temple and land.

One companion discloses to That We shouldn’t come here yet Yuvi lets him know Not to get Any tension. Karishma Tanna is Running and moving Naagin Dance for Her Naag. Her Anklet is influencing Sound and Yuvi and His companions To hear that Sound and Some are Scared and Some Are Curious To See who is on their property.

One Naag (Rajat Tokas) comes and Hugs Naagin from Behind and They have a few Moments with Each Other. In Between Their Romance, they demonstrate Partial Snake Avatar. Pratham and One Lady Stay at Same Place different come to see who is in their Land.

Naagin Says To Naag that we have Waited 100 Years for this Shiv Ji Gives us this Opportunity now After 100 years No one will Stop us. Naag Says that We will Become Human After 100 year we will Marry Today But Before that, I need to give a Gift He advises her to go and See Herself. Yuvi and His companions are watching them and talking that they are doing this Publicly He discloses to him that he has some Plan.

At the point when Naagin comes in Bridal, Avatar Yuvi stops and Naag reveals to them that they will leave From here But Yuvi offended them. Naagin Gets Angry and She discloses to Him That She will Show His Place Last Time Naag Handles the Situation and discloses to them they would prefer not to Fight Yuvi Shows them Gun But leave with Some Plan.

Naag takes Promise from Naagin that She won’t come in her Naagin Avatar. Yuvi returns and a few companions Caught Naagin and Yuvi Gives Push to Naag Naagin Shouts His Name Vikrant and He Rolls to Edge of Cliff.Naagin’s Gets Angry that her Eyes hues Change to green Yuvi Makes fun of her Eyes that She is Wearing Contact focal points.

Pratham Gets Worried and calls Mahi Their sibling and instructs Him to come Soon. There Yuvi is Misbehaving with Yuvi they Tore Her Clothes and Vikrant returns and instructs them to Leave Her But They make his Fun He gets Angry and Shouts promotion Started Changing His Avatar In Big Snake. That Lady and Friend with her Get Shocked to See A Men Becomes Snake.

Yuvi and His Friend are Shocked as well But Vikrant instructs them to abandon Her But Yuvi and Adi disclose to That She will Save Us as Sheild Vikrant Throws One Tree that arrives On Naagin. Mahi comes to there and Lady is Taking Vikrant ‘s pic. Vikrant Started Hitting Yuvi’s Friend One By One and Vikrant advises Yuvi to Leave His Ruhi They Get Scared and Leave Ruhi and She Runs to Vikrant.

Yuvi’s sibling takes Gun and Shoots Vikrant who is Back to Human Forms Vikrant Flies and Collapse on The Ground Mahi achieves there. Vikrant Falls from The Clif and one Friend Shout on Adi that You have Killed One Naag and Now His Naagin won’t abandon You Just Then Mahi comes and asks Everyone they lie that Adi executed Only One Naag. Ruhi takes Vikrant’s head in her Lap and She reveals to Him that She will Save But Vikrant discloses to her that give me Promise that You will Live without me and he Dies. Ruhi Just Looks at him with Tears In Her Eyes.

Ruhi cries and She Hears Some Footstep and She Sees Mahi Yuvi Adi Pratham and their companions Face in Vikrant’s Eyes and She Hears Mahi is Shouting On them That No One Will come to Hear He will Make Hotel Soon. Vikram’s Snake Avatar falls in Water and Ruhi sobs for his Names.

She takes Her Naagin Avatar and She Takes an Oath that She will Take Revenge from Everyone She Says That Here At Three Temple of Shiv, Bharaiv and Mata Rani She guarantees that She will return to deliver Retribution and she will be Death of those Boys.




Anita Husnandani’s Entry in Second Episode following a half year Some Scene with Mahi and Yuvi and Yuvi is rushing to Save His Life.


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