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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Anjana slaps Sahil inquiring as to whether he isn’t embarrassed about his connection with Nidhi. Sahil wasn’t prepared to acknowledge any connection with Nidhi. Nidhi asks for Sahil not to state this, whats wrong in the event that they at any point rested together as they are a life partner. She says Sahil was tanked that night and thought about her as Vaidika at that point. Sahil powers Nidhi to talk reality. Nidhi requests that he be as develop as to acknowledge his error; this youngster is an image of their adoration.

Sahil wasn’t prepared to acknowledge he at any point cherished Nidhi, he can’t consider anybody aside from Vaidika and goes out. Nidhi keeps running into the room. Her mom asks whose kid is this. Nidhi yells that Sahil Agarwal is the father to this tyke. Deepak comes there shrieking, he inquires as to whether her mom is likewise included? He values Nidhi’s forwardness that she is still here. Nidhi cautions him to do what he is intended to. Deepak says he needs to investigate each issue in the house. Sahil was talking what’s reality and calls Nidhi as a liar.

Aarya rejects Mohid’s offer of gathering. He considers his desire for the costly auto and consents to Aarya’s view. He guarantees he would keep the following social affair at daytime here with the goal that Aarya can likewise participate. Sahil was disappointed sitting on the stairs of a yard. Vaidika return home stressed why he called her home. Sahil embraces Vaidika and says Nidhi is pregnant and claims it’s his tyke. This isn’t conceivable, he never touched her. Vaidika requests that Sahil reconsider, for what reason would she lie? She requests that he reconsider, might be on the off chance that he… Sahil asks for Vaidika to believe him.

Nidhi comes there and applauds calling them improper. Nidhi inquires as to whether she can’t prevent Sahil from yelling at her and pointing the finger at her once more. Vaidika persuades Sahil that they can’t acknowledge Nidhi is lying. Sahil asks how they would demonstrate Nidhi is coming clean. Vaidika proposes about DNA testing. Sahil was hesitant and says he definitely knows in regards to the test report. Nidhi supposes she will choose the test report. Vaidika inquires as to whether she has an issue with the test. Sahil swings to go for the test. Anjana and different women come there. Anjana wasn’t prepared to give Sahil a chance to lead the test and reject his significant other.

Nidhi’s mom reprimands Sahil for keeping two spouses and after that speculate her little girl. Sahil says he has a solitary spouse, Vaidika. Nidhi constrained herself into his life. Vaidika says there isn’t any wrong in getting the DNA test, it would be better for everybody. Anjana inquires as to whether Sahil has demonstrated Nidhi’s dad. Vaidika guarantees from Sahil’s side that he would come back to Agarwal house and bear the obligation of Nidhi’s kid. Sahil requests Anjana’s guarantee that he will separate from Nidhi if the test is negative, they will make Bari Amma available. Anjana concurs. Anjana conditions specialist would return home for the test, she doesn’t need any disfavour for the family.

Inside, Nani asks Vaidika for what reason she meddle with the issues of Agarwal. Nani says after all Sahil and Nidhi are youthful, he may have slipped some night. She doesn’t care for Nidhi at everything except she guaranteed being with Sahil the night she falls off the stairs. Vaidika reveals to her mom that she confides in Sahil and there is nothing incorrectly about DNA test. Nani was concerned if Vaidika began to look all starry eyed at Sahil she will get a catastrophe.

At Agarwal house, Nidhi was crying. Her mom requests that the specialist take the test. Nidhi thinks this specialist is her dad’s companion and would just give the report they wish for. Vaidika was appealing to God for Sahil that he is a decent man, and won’t hurt anybody intentionally. Yash had landed at the entryway and thinks nobody is so concerned simply in kinship. In the event that she cherishes Sahil?

Sahil prevents Nidhi from proceeding onward and inquires as to whether she figured he would get the test from her paid off specialist? He asks the specialist the amount she paid to announce the DNA test as positive. He says he has called the family specialist and sends the woman specialist away.

Vaidika was stunned to see Yash remaining at the entryway and welcomes him inside. Yash says he needed to achieve office since his consultant didn’t come. He addresses Vaidika around a dire work and requests her feeling about a few outlines. Vaidika doesn’t get it. Yash chooses to do it later, she appears to be concerned. Yash recommends Vaidika to assault on the off chance that she needs to win. Wars aren’t won just by considering, she should bounce into the issue to prevail upon.

Nidhi was in the room addressing somebody on a telephone. Nidhi says everybody is sitting tight for the report, and imagine a scenario in which the reports demonstrate Sahil isn’t the father of her kid. She was smashed that day and cautioned him to be cautious, she couldn’t be pregnant with his tyke. She cautions him not to be near her once more. Sahil remained at the entryway.




Vaidika peruses the reports that odds of Sahil being a father of the kid are 98.2%. Ladies from NGO come to Sahil compelling him not to leave Nidhi and his tyke unattended. Vaidika says Sahil must assume the liability of the tyke as he is the father.


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