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Aditya and Zoya to get married in Bepanah News

Aditya and Zoya to get married in Bepanah News

Aditya and Zoya to get married in Bepanah News: In the last scene of Bepanah, we have seen that Mahi and Rajvir hold hands against Zoya and Aditya. Mahi is angry with Zoya after Aditya rejects her adoration proposition, she needs to look for exact retribution from Zoya for taking ceaselessly her sibling’s affection, his business and property and now Aditya.

Further, Rajvir fixes the pandit to tell the Virani’s that Zoya and Aditya’s stars would make issues for their occasion. The Pandit discloses to Virani’s that since Zoya and Aditya (who are faking to be a hitched couple) have completed a court marriage, they need to get hitched according to Hindu ceremonies after which there will be no issues with the occasion and everything will go easily. Zoya is in a fix as the customer requests that she wed Aditya on the off chance that she needs the occasion to proceed.

This is evidently Rajvir’s arrangement to get Zoya and Aditya wedded and after that trap Zoya and Aditya for Yasha and Pooja’s murder by utilizing proofs as pics against the couple. Likewise, Mahi controls Zoya to get hitched to Aditya according to ceremonies and guarantees her that she would make courses of action with the pandit to perform counterfeit customs however she in all actuality Mahi expects to do something else.

In the interim, Yash gets the chance to see Pooja and Yash’s pics that Sakshi has been avoiding him. He feels sold out that Sakshi has bolstered Pooja for her additional conjugal undertaking and she didn’t educate him concerning it. He discloses to Sakshi that he had dependably respected her over his genuine mother however she has sold out him. She breaks his ties with Sakshi.

Zoya comes to meet a shattered Aditya and educates her regarding the quandary that their occasion administration organization is experiencing, she persuades him for the marriage according to ceremonies for their workers. She discloses to him that she is cheerful that he will take right choice and not pull out.


Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda aka Zoya and Aditya on the sets for the upcoming wedding track…Check out the Video…



Presently, in the coming scenes of Bepanah, watchers will get to wedding dramatization of Zoya and Aditya. Mahi would ben saw moving to the tune Munda Thoda odd hai while Zoya will sit tight for Aditya. Aditya will go to the occasion scene. Both Zoya and Aditya will prepare for the marriage. It looks like Zoya and Aditya may surmise that the marriage is only a phoney show like motion pictures/serials, notwithstanding, it would be genuine marriage!

Further according to sources, Rajvir will utilize every one of the photos he has gathered against Zoya and Aditya as a proof against them and censure them to have an additional conjugal illicit relationship in view of which they murdered their particular companions Yash and Pooja. Zoya and Aditya will have confronted numerous inconveniences post marriage and will flee from the cops keeping in mind the end goal to demonstrate their blamelessness.

The inevitable scenes are most likely going to be regard for the watchers as it appears like Rajvir and Mahi’s underhanded plans are just going to bring Zoya and Aditya considerably closer.


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