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Belan Wali Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Belan Wali Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Roopa, Laddo’s apparition and Jitendra are holding up at desserts shop, a peon comes there and says Rajnath sent me to get desserts. Laddo’s phantom says Dada sent him, go behind him. Roopa requests that Jitendra takes after this peon, he should get going to Dada. Laddo’s apparition, Roopa and Jitendra take after peon, peon goes in a wilderness, they miss him. Laddo’s apparition runs and discovers him, he comes to Roopa and says he went to the right side. Jitendra says I think he went to the left side. Roopa says to Laddo’s apparition that Jitendra was in police so he may be correct. Laddo’s phantom says I saw him going to the right side, you both hunt him, I am taking off.

Roopa asks him to not get miffed. Roopa requests that Jitendra go on the left side. They look for peon lastly discover him, Roopa says you are taking desserts to Rajnath? we know him, take us to him. Peon says take after me. Peon conveys them to a Rajnath, its same old man who police conveyed to them. Jitendra says he isn’t our Dada, the old man says you can change with me. Jitendra says to peon that don’t let this old man leave from here. Dada is doing giggling treatment with different oldies in halfway house, he supposes where I am trapped? he considers if Suzzi arrives then it will be extraordinary.

Dada says to the chief that I am typically sick so would I be able to call my private medical caretaker here? One male medical caretaker says I am here Dada. Dada says I am not your Dada, nurture says I can take less cash, Dada says she knows my wellbeing, she can give me infusions, would I be able to call my own medical attendant here? Administrator says approve call her, he requests that colleague call his medical caretaker. Another oldie asks whats her name? Dada says her name is Suzzi, Deepika is nothing in front of her. Oldie says who is Deepika? Dada murmurs they don’t know anything, he says she is prettier than Mina Kumari. Oldie says then call her quick to acquire hues our life. Dada supposes they are more fretful than me, I need to accomplish something.

Suzzi is sitting in Dada’s room. Lata goes to her and gives her handouts, she says we don’t know when Dada will be back so you should apply to these employments. Suzzi says you are tossing me out of a house? Lata says apply quick, she clears out. Suzzi gets a call, she asks who is it? Dada says I am Rajnath. Suzzi says you? how are you calling from criminals? Dada says I am not abducted, I am in DanDan old age home.

Suzzi says how might you do that with me? I am so stressed. Dada says I know you are concerned. Suzzi says yes, you know you took cabinet’s critical and I required a few documents from that point. Dada says you are stressed in regards to that? come here, you can remain with me, she says approve I am coming. Dada says don’t come that way, no one but oldies can remain here so you need to get oldies getup and afterwards come here, Suzzi says approve.

Roopa is home and sees Suzzi leaving, she supposes I knew Dada would call Suzzi, I would take after her and discover Dada. Roopa takes after Suzzi who goes to a marvel parlour. Laddo’s apparition says you need to go to a parlour when Dada is absent? Roopa says I am following Suzzi to know whether Dada called her. They sit tight for her to turn out. Laddo’s apparition says is Dada and she getting hitched? Roopa says how might you say that in regards to Suzzi? Suzzi leaves parlour in old close relative getup, she chances upon Roopa, however, Roopa is occupied with belligerence with Laddo’s apparition and doesn’t see her, Suzzi leaves from that point.

Roopa says to Laddo’s apparition he is your Dada and you are discussing his marriage? He says I am sad. They sit tight for Suzzi to turn out. Time pass, parlour proprietor begins shutting it down. Roopa says there is a young lady inside, she says no we had just a single client today and she needed to look old as well. Roopa asks where did she go? the proprietor says she cleared out. Roopa says it was Suzzi in oldie’s symbol? Laddo’s apparition says she took that getup so nobody can take after her. Roopa says we need to tell the family.

Roopa comes to family, she says to Lata that I need to disclose to you that Dada isn’t grabbed and Jitendra and I thought about it. Roopa sees Prem beating Jitendra. Lata says Jitendra as of now let us know everything. Prem says to Roopa that you agreed with this present Jitendra’s position as well, why? Roopa says so he won’t get beaten, Prem beats him and says how we will discover Dada now? Roopa says Suzzi have gone to Dada, we can take after her and discover Dada. Jitendra says I continued instructing them to watch out for Dada.

Dada is watering plants in old age and says all oldies are here. Suzzi comes there in old lady symbol, she says to him that I am Suzzi, he gets upbeat to see her, she says you didn’t remember me? Dada says I can remember you from your fragrance. Oldies come there and says this is your Mina Kumari? they giggle and leave. Suzzi says why are you requesting that I get oldie symbol? Dada says on the grounds that oldies are permitted here as it were. Suzzi says why didn’t you tell the family you are here? Dada says they don’t mind in regards to me.

Jitendra slaps himself and says I miss Dada and his slaps, where are you? I am stressed over him. Shalini asks him to not rebuff himself. Jitendra says don’t know where he is, I miss his slaps. Shalini slaps him, Jitendra says yes Dada used to slap me like this, slap me more, she is hesitant yet continues slapping him, he says enough, she says I cannot stop now, she makes his face red with slaps. Jitendra says Dada didn’t slap me this much in the entire year.

Shalini says to take them. Roopa says to teddy hold up under that Dada we are feeling the loss of you. Laddo’s apparition says stop it and figure how we will discover Dada. Roopa says he may have left the city. Laddo’s phantom says he won’t leave without Suzzi. Roopa says we can give promotion in a daily paper. Laddo’s apparition extraordinary thought.. Dada peruses daily paper, he should rebind.




Roopa says to a family that Dada peruses daily paper, we have given a promotion in it and it ought to be passionate for Dada to rebound. Lata says then we need to accomplish something. they influence Prem to have dribble and seem as though he is sick. Lata requests that Roopa take pictures in which they look pitiful and sick. Roopa takes their photos with family posturing abnormally for a daily paper.

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