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Belan Wali Bahu 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Belan Wali Bahu 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Roopa says to the family that Dada peruses daily paper, we have given an advertisement in it and it ought to be passionate for Dada to rebound. Lata says then we need to accomplish something. they influence Prem to have dribble and seem as though he is sick. Lata requests that Roopa take pictures in which they look dismal and sick. Roopa takes their photos with family posturing oddly for a daily paper. Lata says we have photographs, now we need to compose what will be in the advertisement. She requests that Roopa compose that dear Dada, your dependable child is sick as he has been missing you, he needs to see you before leaving this world. Prem says don’t compose my name, he will comprehend it.

Suzzi is the promotion in the daily paper and says to Dada that your child is leaving the world, he says what? she indicates him the promotion of family with a message that Prem is biting the dust since he is feeling the loss of his Dad. One oldie says that your child is kicking the bucket, you shouldn’t bear the loss of your child in this age, you have a major and cheerful family who are enduring a result of you, please backpedal home. Suzzi says yes gives up home before you push them away excessively. Dada gets passionate and says you are correct, he is kicking the bucket, I ought to backpedal to them. He takes a gander at picture intently and gets irate, he says I won’t go now, he indicates Suzzi that glucose bottle is associated with IV, he says they are faking this to bring me back.

He requests that Suzzi call them, Suzzi does. Prem accepts call and asks who? Dada says your father you moron. Prem says we are missing you so much, I am so sick, I am getting glucose, Dada requests that he slap that individual, there was no IV appended in bottle, I knew all of you were doing show. Prem says we did it since we miss you, they all say yes, Prem says please return. Dada says you individuals lied so I won’t rebound now and I can document police protestation, he cuts call. Prem says to Jitendra that why didn’t you check IV. Laddo’s apparition says to Roopa that I have another thought, request that family do it pleasantly. She instructs it to Roopa, Roopa advises thought to family which is muted. Prem and others are sitting tight for Roopa. Prem says I don’t have much expectation. Lata says we took a stab at everything so we can do this as well. They all sit tight for Roopa.

Roopa brings another oldie home who is likewise Rajnath. Roopa says see who is home. Counterfeit Dada says I am Dada Ji. Shalini says Dada I will demonstrate to you your room. Counterfeit Dada says I need great view from my room, Jitendra says I will demonstrate to you a decent room. Lata inquires as to whether this thought will work? Roopa takes a gander at Laddo’s phantom. Roopa inquires as to whether this thought will work? he clench hand knocks in air. Roopa says let me know with words, he says I need to state everything? you cannot comprehend activities? you spouses don’t comprehend anything, he clears out. Roopa says I supplicate this thought works.

In morning, Roopa says to herself that now I will finish this arrangement. She records video of Lata and Shalini. Lata requests that Shalini bring milk from the milkman. Shalini says phantom got my hand. Counterfeit Dada says don’t stress, I have brought drain. Lata says this Dada is dynamic. Shalini says old Dada used to take drain and he bringing it. Counterfeit Dada favours them. Shalini says old Dada never did it. roopa records everything and says I know Dada will feel awful yet I trust he returns in the wake of seeing it.

Suzzi is checking oldie in seniority home, they all play with her. One oldie says you shouldn’t put feet on the floor, they will wind up filthy. Suzzi gets Roopa’s video message. She comes to Dada who is desirous of others playing with Suzzi. Suzzi indicates him a video of Lata and Shalini content with new Dada, how they like him more. Dada giggles and says they are doing anything in my memory.. he is strained. Suzzi says you will remain here always now.

New Dada comes to Shalini and Jitendra’s room, Dada says I have conveyed loop to guard you against mosquitoes. Shalini takes a selfie with him and says have you thought to keep a private medical attendant for yourself? Jitendra says she will deal with you as you are old. He raises a hand, Jitendra says you slap me as well. New Dada favours him, Jitendra says he is the best Dada.

Prem says to Lata that for what reason did you bring some other man as my dad? Lata says your psyche doesn’t work and you continue talking. Prem says to Lata that don’t converse with me like that. New Dada comes there and says till when you will continue battling? life is short. Roopa records their video. Dada influences Prem and Lata to clasp hands and says recollect a period when you both used to not a battle when you both used to love each other. Prem grins and says it expedited grin my face. New Dada clears out. Prem says he is such a decent father, I need to make him my dad. Roopa records it and thinks sorry our Dada will stay same yet ideally he will rebind seeing this.




Dada peruses a news in the paper that Rajnath’s family is changing their Dada authoritatively and its lawful and authority function will be held at home today around evening time. Dada gets furious.

In function, Prem says to visitors that today we have held this service to supplant our old haughty, pointless, irate Dada with our new pure, pleasant and mannered Dada, all applaud. Unique Dada gets back home and sees his name expelled from nameplate and new Dada’s name there. He says I won’t save this. He tries to go inside yet a watch stops him.


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