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Belan Wali Bahu 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Belan Wali Bahu 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Suzzi says to Dada that what has happened to your family? they are calling another person as Dada. Dada says they cannot make metal as gold, they will implore me to rebound. Suzzi gets another video. She plays it. New Dada brings nourishment for family, all relatives are cheerful and say that you are the best Dada. Suzzi says to Dada that they have supplanted you with another person and they wont get back to you ever. Dada is strained.

Suzzi indicates daily paper to Dada. Dada peruses see that Prem is authoritatively changing his dad, they will hold a service to declare that they have no connection with Rajnath, new Dada Khandelwal will be reported as their head. Dada is strained. Oldie says now you need to live here. Dada requests that Suzzi take him home.

Prem converses with visitors in function, he says this is a pleasant day, we have left self-important, irate Dada and have brought a decent and blameless Dada. It would be ideal if you formally make new Dada as our Dada.

Dada and Suzzi get back home, Dada sees Khandelwal’s nameplate and says how could they do it? Protect comes there and says you cannot go inside. Dada says this is my home. Watch says this is Khandelwal house, Dada says move away, I need to go inside, they cannot make anybody their Dada. Watch requests that he get lost. They get frightened. Dada and Suzzi clear out.

In function, Prem says this Dada is so crisp and that old Dada was stale, constantly used to utilize the wheelchair, this new Dada brings nourishment for us like a mother, all applaud. Jitendra says that Dada used to slap us yet he doesn’t. Prem says this new Dada raise hand just to favour. Dada and Suzzi are endeavouring to toss rope in the house to hop in-house. Protect comes there and says leave else I will toss you out.

In service, Prem says that Dada never sat with us however this Dada sits with all youngsters. Dada and Suzzi keep an eye on them from the window. New Dada sign on papers, Dada says this oldie is taking every one of my things and family. Prem says we have marked authority papers, I Prem declare him as head of a house. He is going to influence him to wear wreath yet Dada beats protect and comes in-house. He says to a family that what is this? you individuals are doing this? cant I am miffed with all of you? Roopa says don’t cry Dada, this was every one of the dramatizations to bring you back, she says to Khandelwal that we asked for this man to enable us to convey you home so he consented to help us, she expresses gratitude toward him. Jitendra says there is no official here, we brought scrap vendor as a government official.

Dada says to Prem that for what reason did you say I am egotistical? Prem says I just said it to bring you back. Khandelwal says to him that you have a decent family, they adore you, I know the torment of losing family so invest your energy with them. Dada says you are correct, individuals leave their folks in old age homes yet my family brought me back by buckling down, however, the person who agreed with my stance generally was.. Suzzi. Lata mumbles that he began it once more.

Lata yells prepare is coming, they all rushed to hold things down, Dada is as yet bustling adulating Suzzi. Dada says nobody resembles Suzzi. Jitendra says Dada is stating that nobody can substitute me for him, he can even leave Suzzi for me. Dada slaps him. Jitendra says amazing, I missed your slaps, slap once more. Prem says slap me as well. Khandelwal clears out. Dada embraces everybody. Laddo’s phantom grins.

All relatives are getting a charge out of life. Dada peruses a daily paper and says one man of my age got hitched. Shalini comes there and says I had a social gathering with my companions, we delighted to such an extent. Lata requests that Shalini bring blade, Roopa says I will bring it. Lata says no Roopa let her work. Shalini acts like she is regurgitating and keeps running from that point. Jitendra says the end result for her? Lata says this must be her new show. Jitendra goes to keep an eye on her.

Shalini is accessible if the need arises with her mom and says yes I ate sharp things, no I won’t tell uplifting news at this moment. Jitendra comes there and hears it. Shalini says I will tell everybody together, she closes call. Jitendra requests that her rest, what is the uplifting news? Shalini says another visitor will go to our home and you will be most upbeat, Jitendra says affirm and goes.

Jitendra says to Lata that Shalini has been heaving and she said that she has uplifting news. Lata says another visitor is coming, we will wind up stupendous guardians. Prem says Jitendra will have a child, Jitendra says I am will be a father? Dada says I am will be an extraordinary granddad. All are cheerful. Laddo’s apparition is moving as well.

Shalini comes there. Jitendra embraces her, they all encompass her. Shalini says another visitor is coming house, Lata says we know, Roopa says you simply take rest, we will do everything. Shalini vomits and flees. Dada says Suzzi give her prescription. Lata says no drug will work, don’t stress, we need to deal with her and plan for a new child. Dada says I will give them production line. Prem says that is a decent idea.




Dada says to Suzzi that you need to deal with Shalini more than me now, she gestures. Prem says I will play with an infant, he will influence me to a horse. Lata influences Shalini to eat laddos. Roopa says so adorable, she takes a selfie with her. Laddo’s phantom says to Roopa that when Shalini’s child young lady is conceived, I will keep running with her, hop with her, play with her, Roopa says when she craps at that point? he scowls at her. Shalini says accessible if the need arises that yes pineapple tasted terrible, I imagine that made my stomach disturb.

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