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Belan Wali Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Belan Wali Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With All ladies put a pad around the stomach to do a routine with regards to being pregnant. Lata demonstrates to them generally accepted methods to walk and winds up timid. Roopa says we cannot go to them like this. Suzzi says we ought to go one by one, Shalini takes selfies with them. Lata says we have work in a kitchen.

Shalini says I am drained. Lata consumes her to space. Laddo’s apparition comes there and says what? Roopa how this happened? she says no, we were simply rehearsing how to be pregnant to demonstrate support to Shalini, he says phew, I thought.. she says I as of now have a kid in my life, who is constantly miffed, resolute and wears a pink shirt, he frowns at her.

Suzzi comes to Dada, Dada sees her infant knock, he says how this happened? disclose to me his name, I want extra that individual, I will execute him. Suzzi says hear me out, we are doing it to influence Shalini to hone for pregnancy. Lata reveals to Prem that they have counterfeit child knock to indicate bolster for Shalini. Prem says I thought we will have a fifth child. Naren comes there and sees Lata’s child knock, he is stunned and keeps running from that point.

Shalini demonstrates counterfeit infant knock to Jitendra and says we as a whole ladies are rehearsing how to live with pregnancy. Lata is demonstrating to other lady proper methodologies to stroll downstairs, she says dependably walk gradually, don’t keep running on stairs. Laddo’s phantom requests that Roopa be cautious. they all get down from stairs. Katori comes there and says Lata you are pregnant in this age? Suzzi says you with no accomplice?

Roopa you without a spouse? Laddo’s phantom says I am here, she goes to bring sugar. Dada, Prem, Jitendra and Naren comes there with counterfeit infant knock too to demonstrate them bolster. Roopa asks what is this? Prem says we needed to know the amount you individuals bear in pregnancy as well. Dada requests that Jitendra begin filling in as peon as it were. Prem says we need to rehearse like pregnant. Katori comes there and sees men with counterfeit child knock, she says what else I need to see? she flees.

Prem is concealing wine bottle in his infant knock, he drinks wine, Lata comes there, he flees. Roopa is sewing sweater and bows down to take fleece ball, he asks her to not bow down in pregnancy. She says too bad. Suzzi is attempting to paint her toe and says to Dada that I cannot paint it. Jitendra and Naren are knocking their child knocks. Shalini says you cannot do it in pregnancy.

Dada says to a family that men cannot stand to acquire infant world, Prem says ladies are incredible to do it for 9 months. All men take out cushions from their shirts. Roopa says Suzzi experienced it before marriage. Lata says at least Shalini got help. Shalini says we have time for this to really happen. Shalini says we don’t need to design infant for next 4-5 years, Jitendra says yes we won’t design second infant till 5 years.

Shalini says by what method can there be the second infant when there is no first infant? Lata says a first child is coming. Shalini says this is phoney child knock. Roopa says what in regards to a new visitor coming? Shalini says my sibling is originating from London, the uplifting news was that I have figured out how to make tea, Lata says what in regards to regurgitating? Shalini says I ate stale pineapple, all of you believed that I am pregnant? they all gesture.

Shalini says Lata you didn’t comprehend that it was not the situation. Lata says I am not that shrewd, they all get pitiful. Roopa says at least Shalini figured out how to make tea, Lata says we ought to get some tea from you. Shalini says affirm I will make tea. She clears out. Dada says Shalini and Jitendra have time, we will get infant soon. Jitendra says yes this training will work.




Prem peruses daily paper that a homeless person wound up a rich representative, a poor person did some vastu(architecture) steps and his life changed. Katori comes there wearing adornments and things. Katori says I earned this all alone, that vastu influenced me to take in all that. Lata’s child in law comes to a house and says I have begun another business and I don’t require your cash, I have begun vastu business, they all look on.


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