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Belan Wali Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu

Belan Wali Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Belan Wali Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Prem peruses daily paper that a hobo ended up the rich representative, a homeless person did some vastu steps and his life changed. Lata’s child in law(Jimmy) comes to a house and says I have begun another business and I don’t require your cash, I have begun vastu business, they all look on. He says its working so pleasantly that I need to restore all your cash.

Dada says your obligation is around 27lacs. He requests that they include each celebration cost as well, he says it’s around 28lac, I cannot give it at the present time yet I can give some sum, he gives them some sum and says I have client meeting. He takes off. Katori comes there sporting gold and gold, Prem inquires as to whether she is working in a dramatization organization? Katori says I have earned such an excess of taking in aptitudes from Vastu, my significant other’s business is working pleasantly now and we have everything

presently. Prem says you are as yet taking sugar? she says stop little things, she clears out. Jimmy comes there and says one man’s dairy animals got lost so I did vastu and brought it back. Prem influences him to sit, they all tell their issues so he could comprehend them. Jimmy says Vastu have the answer for each issue, he requests that they give him the cash he gave them, it’s his administrations’ charges.

Prem gives it. Roopa inquires as to whether vastu works? Laddo’s apparition says your concern may be comprehended, you sent your significant other far from the world in view of vastu, inquire as to whether he can tackle your concern. She says I will ask him.

Dada says to Jimmy that nobody comprehends me, I need organization in my life, Suzzi says I am with you. Dada says I need that sort of responsibility. Jimmy says your concern will be unravelled in the event that you move your room upstairs, everything you could ever want will work out as expected, Jimmy says give me expenses later, he takes off.

Jimmy comes to Prem and Lata. He begins eating almonds. Lata requests that he eat as much as he needs. Jimmy asks how you individuals live in this room? there is excessive pessimism in this room, Prem says she beats me and yell at me. Lata says he burps and I upchuck, we continue battling. Jimmy says there are numerous negative vibes in this room. Lata and Prem begin contending once again who battles.

Jimmy says this Vastu will tell which room will be best for you. He acquires them parlour and sees his marker around. He indicates them relax region and says this place is best for you, Prem will be on the west side and Lata will be on eat side, simply turn away from each other, Jimmy says living respectively is essential. He says you paid charges before, he clears out. Prem and Lata move in inverse ways.

Jimmy comes to Jitendra and Shalini, Jimmy says first to give me charges, Shalini says he will take expenses from Dada and give it you, what is an answer for us? Jimmy says you both should live in the garden or make this room a garden with pots, he says to Jitendra that you will land position in 5 days. He takes off.

Jimmy says to himself that I have earned great sum from them, who is cleared out? Roopa comes to him and says you are here. He supposes this is my additionally procuring.




Jimmy says to Dada that to influence vastu of house fine, you to need to expel water tank, patio board and that tree from outside. Laddo’s apparition says these are my living spot. Roopa says I didn’t imagine that. The family begins going to expel tank. Roopa is strained. Laddo’s phantom says to think in regards to something Roopa.


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