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Belan Wali Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Update

Belan Wali Bahu

Belan Wali Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Update


Belan Wali Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts with

Roopa and Laddo’s phantom is perched on the patio, he inquires as to whether she can do it? she says don’t you believe me? he says no, she says I won’t let them break it. Dada and family come there. Roopa is considering porch board. Lata says we need to break it, get down. roopa says no I rest here. Shalini inquires as to for what reason do you have kissing bugs? Roopa says it is in regards to vastu, his master asked me to not break this porch.

Lata says Jimmy is our child in law and he requested that we break this porch. Shalini goes ahead porch and gets Roopa, she tries to take her from that point. Roopa says we should take a selfie. Shalini abandons her and tries to take the selfie. Roopa takes her telephone and says in the event that you don’t leave then I will toss your telephone. Shalini leaves from that point. Dada says we need to break this porch. Roopa says if

you attempt to break this patio then I will hop from here and slaughter myself, what do you need Roopa or this porch gone? Dada says we cannot break this patio for Roopa. Laddo’s apparition moves and says my patio is spared. Roopa says I will spare your tree as well.

Dada calls Jimmy and says we could break that porch, he says its awful sign, recently cut that tree now, he closes call. Dada says we have expelled tank, however, couldn’t break porch so we should cut that tree. Jitendra says I can purchase a machine to cut it. Dada slaps him and says we don’t require a machine 25,000rs to cut a tree, simply bring a hatchet, he requests that Prem hone hatchet.

In morning, Prem conveys hone hatchet to the tree. They are going to cut the tree yet civil officer comes there and says I became more acquainted with what you are cutting this tree and I was holding up here, you cannot cut this tree with advising region else you will go to imprison for a long time. Roopa reviews how she called city office yesterday so they cannot cut tree.

Laddo’s phantom requests that Roopa spare them, they shouldn’t be gone to imprison. Roopa says to the officer that you cannot take them to imprison as they didn’t cut tree. Officer says however they need to pay fine as they were going to cut tree, the fine is 100000rs, all are staggered. Dada says its excessively. Officer says then go to imprison. Dada says we will give you 70,000rs. Officer takes cash and takes off. Laddo’s phantom expresses gratitude toward Roopa for sparing his tree.

Scene 2

Dada says to the family that Jimmy’s vastu was sweeping for us, we needed to pay the officer and needed to pay to break tank as well. Dada asks Roopa for what reason didn’t you let us break the patio? Roopa says you will know soon. Numerous individuals come there yelling for Jimmy, one brings his cow as well. Prem says Jimmy doesn’t live here. The man says he gave us the address of here. roopa says we can pay you as he is acquiring from Vastu.

One man says Jimmy gave me vastu answer forget a bovine yet this dairy animal doesn’t give drain, my entire business annihilated as a result of him. Other man says Jimmy requesting that I expel column from my home, my entire house separated as a result of it. Other man says Jimmy requesting that I evacuate auto tire and I got in mischance as a result of it. All men say that we need our cash back.

Dada says Jimmy will give it back. Jitendra calls Jimmy, examiner accepts the call and says Jimmy is in lockup. He gave us vastu answer for make a window in police headquarters and all offenders kept running from this window. Dada request that men go record case on him, all leave.

Dada says to a family that we got spared from Jimmy’s vastu without a lot of cash, Lata says thank you Roopa for sparing our patio. Laddo’s phantom says I spared it. Dada requests that Jitendra get the tank back on the patio.




Dada requests that Suzzi run with him. Suzzi says no I won’t go, you are subject to me, I need you to wind up free. Dada says affirm I will go, he takes off. Suzzi calls her sweetheart and says come to me, he is no more. Naren goes to Suzzi’s room, they lean in and share a kiss. Dada comes there and sees them kissing, he is stunned and harmed.


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