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Bepannaah 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Bepannaah 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Bepannaah 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Picture taker clicks Aditya and Zoya’s photographs. This is the absolute best of the day. Aditya prods Zoya. This was your arrangement at that point? You talked about leaving however came nearer. Mahi exhaust. Zoya discloses to Aditya she would want to bite the dust as opposed to coming here. He says I approached once. I will approach once more. She liberates herself.

Noor accompanies shopping packs. She grins taking a gander at herself in the mirror. Everything suits me. Mahi’s mom asks her what mess she has made in her room. Will somebody say that you are Zoya’s sister? Zoya and Mahi remain occupied in work while you continue shopping constantly. I am certain your folks must be extremely cheerful as they wouldn’t need to see you day by day. You don’t do anything. Noor discovers rationale in her words.

Aditya takes a gander at the photographs. Presently individuals will give us the

contracts. Shawn inquires as to whether he ought to transfer the photographs online at that point. Zoya asks Aditya to first erase those photos. He prods her getting some information about them. This can’t be! This isn’t me! This is a lie! Mona comes and educates them about a require an occasion. Zoya peruses another agreement. Virani Group needs us to compose an occasion worth 2 crores. Mahi understands that it is a well known organization that makes flavors. Aditya is amazed. How would they think about us when they themselves are in Canada? Zoya does not give it a second thought. There is no reason to worry at that point.

Aditya snickers. Nobody peruses the entire email. It must be a privately-run company and at exactly that point would we be able to get the agreement. They too have a family possessed business. You think about my family as of now. I should discover another spouse? He stands up and takes a gander at Zoya. Will you be my better half? Mahi takes a gander at Zoya who is taking a gander at Aditya in stun. Aditya takes Mahi’s name. Just for a couple of days. We should act like a couple. Qubool hai

Mahi looks excited. Zoya exhorts Mahi against it yet Mahi cheerfully concurs. She shrouds her energy before everybody. I said I will do anything for organization. Aditya says it is chosen at that point. We will profess to be a couple before Virani’s. For them we will be the couple who possesses and runs this organization. Zoya can’t. Another customer implies another connection. We can’t start another connection on a lie.

He inquires as to whether they ought to rebuff the organization for her con artist spouse. Do you have a reason? Do you not need us to act like a couple and are rebuking the organization for this? This profound quality is a sham to influence things to fill in according to your desire. Who is acting narrow minded at this point? Who isn’t considering organization now? Each worker should bear its brunt. Zoya takes a gander at everybody’s appearances and thinks about her guarantee. Aditya asks her what is correct then – your fair state of mind which will bring the organization down or the safe lie which can spare the organization! What to do – accomplish something which is correct just for you or accomplish something which is appropriate for everybody?

Mahi asks Zoya what the issue is. The arrangement is appropriate here yet you would prefer not to acknowledge it. Zoya does not have any desire to deceive anybody to get the agreement. Do you understand how they would get a handle on the off chance that they discover reality? There must be some way. Aditya grins. Right! She asks him for what valid reason he is grinning now. For what reason would you have the issue with untruths and deceiving in any case? This is an amusement for your all things considered! He helps her to remember her current guarantee to the workers.

Why are you fleeing when you found the opportunity? She calls him Janab Aditya Hooda. He requests that everybody snatch the seats. Shayari is going to begin. She gets irate. You find everything a joke! Do you truly think about anybody?. He denies. I don’t and I say it on the face yet you do think about everybody! Why are you endeavouring to bring the organization down? Or on the other hand, would you say you are my ally now? She decays. I can never be your ally. He ridicules the new Urdu word however she abandons him. She reveals to Mona that they won’t take the agreement. My choice is last.

Aditya says yes for the agreement. My choice is likewise last. Mona gestures in perplexity. Aditya and Zoya take a gander at each other. Aditya influences individuals to vote. Zoya takes a gander at everybody. Mahi, Mona, Akansha and Vinod remain with Aditya while Shawn and Mithilesh ji are Zoya’s ally. Zoya frowns at Aditya. Aditya influences Mahi to hold his hand. Might we? He and his supporters go out. Zoya declines to mislead make any start. She asks Mithilesh ji and Shawn to locate some new contract asap. They concur. Zoya takes a seat worriedly.

Noor gets Arjun’s call. He calls as RJ AJ. I became more acquainted with that you will help me. She is all grins. I am so eager to work with you. You are my motivation. I will give my 100% from tomorrow. She closes the call. Arjun grins as he separates the call.

Sakshi gets a call from the blackmailer once more. He says it is your old propensity to not consider things important. You didn’t take the news of your little girl’s undertaking truly as well. You realize what occurred straightaway! She reveals to him that he can’t shakedown her like this. Anjana opens the entryway simply at that point.

Aditya and Mahi are acting before everybody to ensure they seem honest to goodness before Virani’s. Aditya holds Mahi’s hand. He talks so decidedly about her. Mona applauds him in transit he acts out it, however, Akansha calls attention to that they don’t give off an impression of so controlling couple. That vibe is absent. She offers tips to Mahi.

Anjana asks Sakshi for what reason she is looking as though she just got captured. Sakshi shakes her head. Anjana advises her to take as much time as necessary. You have all the earmarks of being indiscreet about your wellbeing as of late. Sakshi gestures absentmindedly. Anjana enlightens her concerning her messenger and goes. She appears to be so lost nowadays!

Sakshi resumes her call with a blackmailer. I don’t have anything to give you. He demands to get something important. Pooja was the DIL of such a major house. Satisfy my requests or I may accomplish something. She takes the dispatch and continues the call. What did I do to you? Why are you after me? He recommends her to check the bundle first. She is shocked. Blackmailer says figure what whatever I can do when I can go to your home to give conveyance. Sakshi takes a gander at the photograph and is stunned. Blackmailer requests for 3 lacs in 2 days. I will generally send such comparative endowments to Hooda family soon!

Mahi requests that Aditya and Mahi put each other’s photographs as backdrops. Mahi likes the thought yet Zoya reasons that along with these lines the lie won’t turns genuine. We can’t take the support of a lie. This organization is as of now in issue. Police are as of now watching our moves as a result of the protection cash. An agreement is a lawful thing. We will all be in prison along these lines. Mahi inquires as to whether she has some other arrangement. Zoya denies. we can discover one together.

Aditya calls somebody and closures the agreement. It is Zoya Madam’s ultimate conclusion! He compliments everybody. The organization will now shut down whenever and all of you can locate another activity! Aditya takes a gander at Zoya. I thought you were powerless however you are solid. You belittle yourself. You are more grounded than you might suspect. It is on the grounds that when the organization will be shut and everybody will be on street, you will at least rest gently supposing you didn’t lie! Your con artist spouse brought them here yet you will bring them down! Aditya advises everybody to fill him in regarding whether they require any suggestion. Everybody looks strained.

Aditya is checking the time. Zoya and the staff are occupied in finding an answer. Aditya checks the time and looks outside. Group gets some little-planned occasions. Mahi insults them. It will associate with 10 lacs and we will pick up a benefit of 10k as it were. This is the thing that we merit now! She asks Zoya what her concern is. It is a little lie. We won’t promote it. We will take the agreement and complete it! They won’t originate from Canada to confirm about Aditya and my wedding. There is still time. We will get the agreement. Zoya advises her against it. We should not deceive increase any agreement!

Sakshi continues taking a gander at the photograph. I simply have one day left. In what capacity will I organize the cash? I could share it just with Aditya and I need to conceal this from him as it were! He will never excuse me on the off chance that he discovers this fact! I should offer cash to blackmailers.

Peon brings espresso for everybody upon Aditya’s ask. All of you should be drained in the wake of bearing Lady Yudhishtir. In any case, I am will watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Zoya inquires as to whether he is backpedalling in time (1994). He inquires as to whether she has issued in him watching it once more. Mahi consents to run with Aditya, however, Zoya advises everybody to return to work. Zoya thinks about Aditya’s words and is strained.




Zoya and Aditya contend about the Mangalsutra. He reveals to her that he got it for Mahi so he will make her wear it. She lets him know it. It is exceptionally devout! I will make her wear it. He demands that the wedding isn’t genuine. She instructs him to be calm. You won’t get it. Virani’s come there simply at that point. Should we discuss business on the off chance that you folks are finished battling? Influence your better half to wear it before that! Zoya shakes her head.

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