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Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Update


Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Update


Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts with Zoya turns and Aditya says you resemble Mumbai rain. Nobody can foresee when you will rain or accomplish something different. 15 minutes prior you declined to go about as my significant other and now we are not simply counterfeit a couple but rather we got the agreement as well! She approaches him if his show for now isn’t finished. He requests to know the appropriate response. She reasons that a few things are over their own disparities.

I revealed to you that I wont give our own issues a chance to divide our calling. I was hitched before as well. In the event that that genuine marriage was phony then for what reason would it be a good idea for me to fear this phony marriage? Aditya and Zoya think about their accomplices. Zoya says if my one lie can profit the organization at that point let it be. Aditya says I couldn’t care less who I profess to be hitched to. I simply need to clear that the choice was yours thus will be the outcomes.

Try not to point the finger at me later. He goes. Zoya supposes I won’t point the finger at you for anything. I will progress toward becoming Mrs Hooda for this organization on the off chance that I need to, however, I won’t give anybody a chance to fall stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Sakshi rationally apologizes to Adi. I should do this. I have no other alternative. Anjana watches her keep her gems in her pack. She stows away as Sakshi leaves the room and heads the first floor. Anjana ponders what Sakshi is doing. What is she escaping every one of us? Sakshi goes out. Anjana takes after her.

Anjana holds up outside as Sakshi offers Pooja’s gems. She takes 5 lacs consequently. Anjana strolls at the time Sakshi goes out. Anjana understands that Sakshi simply sold Pooja’s bangles. She requests a copy charge from the proprietor. He offers it to her.

Arjun calls Noor. Is it accurate to say that you are coming to Radio Station? She gestures. I was simply taking off. He requests that she come rapidly. there is a great deal to do. She energetically says I am additionally extremely anxious to work with you. You won’t consider contracting any other individual in the wake of seeing my work. He says you are so sure.

There is another person who is working alongside you. What’s his name? She answers that what’s the purpose of employing somebody whose name you can’t significantly recall. You won’t discover such a decent associate like me! She closes the call after seeing Mrs Arora. Mrs Arora says you likewise be a tease in office while working these days. I will tell Zoya everything. Noor is enraged that she can’t centre around her own girl and is simply after her.

Kalpesh can’t interface with Aditya. He can’t see anybody. I advised Zoya to send the information. I got the document late. Dad won’t saves me in the event that he discovers. He requests that the peon call Aditya and Zoya. Peon shares that they went home. Kalpesh requests their address. Peon asks him whose address he needs – Aditya’s or Zoya’s. Kalpesh says they should live respectively. He notes down Zoya’s address. Aditya comes back to office exactly when Kalpesh is leaving in his auto. He checks with Murli (peon). Murli reveals to him that he was requesting their address. I gave Zoya Madam’s address. Aditya chastens him a bit. Don’t you adore your activity? Murli gets befuddled yet Aditya stresses consider the possibility that Kalpesh discovers reality.

Zoya and Mahi get back home. Zoya advises Mahi to ensure Mummyji won’t discover anything. She is expelling her Mangalsutra when her MIL shouts to them. Mahi requests that she evacuate it asap or they will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Zoya figures out how to take it off when her MIL strolls up to her. Doorbell rings. Mahi’s mom sends the young ladies to their rooms. I will open the entryway. Aditya thinks how to prevent Kalpesh from going inside. Mahi’s mom slips close to the entryway. Mahi causes her.

Aditya is calling Zoya yet she is dealing with her MIL. Aditya tries Mahi’s number however it is off. Somebody should pick the telephone or Kalpesh will discover everything! Kalpesh continues ringing the ringer. Mahi requests that she check the entryway. She takes her mom inside. Zoya opens the entryway and is stunned to see Kalpesh. He apologizes for coming so later. I needed to give you the pen drive as I couldn’t give you the whole information toward the beginning of the day.

She says you could have called me. I would have sent somebody to gather it. She tries to send him off however he inquires as to whether she doesn’t offer water to visitors. She invites him inside. Kalpesh gets some information about Aditya. Zoya is at lost words. Kalpesh gets some information about Aditya once more. She lies that he is cleaning up. I will bring water for you. Mahi’s mom ponders who might have come at this hour. Mahi encourages her to stress for herself. For what reason do you think about the world?

Kalpesh chooses to sit tight for Aditya for some additional time. I will enlighten you and your better half concerning the pen drive information when he will turn out. Zoya offers to do it. I will come to you on the off chance that I have any inquiries. You may get later. He says it is fine. Zoya is concerned.

How might I bring Aditya at this hour? Aditya comes simply then holding a towel. Who is here Zoya Baby? Zoya takes a gander at him in a stun. He acts shocked to see Kalpesh there at this hour. Kalpesh gives him the pen drive. Mahi hears Aditya’s voice. Her mom hears an excessive number of voices also. I should go down and check. Mahi offers to check. I will bring ice pack as well.

Aditya says you could have quite recently called me. I would have sent somebody. You don’t have to stress over anything. This occasion will be talked for quite a long time. Aditya conceals Zoya and Yash’s photograph before Kalpesh can see it. Mahi comes ground floor and takes a gander at them. Kalpesh withdraws. Aditya offers to drop him till the entryway. we will meet in an office next time. Kalpesh gestures.

Zoya slams into Aditya when he is returning. He holds her. Mahi exhaust seeing them in this way. Mahi’s mom asks them who was there. She goes calm seeing Aditya there.




Aditya irately advises Zoya to do whatever she needs to. I say farewell to you and your organization. Kanti ji declines to tune in to offer a contract to Zosh until the point when Aditya is there. Nobody can connect with Aditya as he isn’t reacting to anybody’s calls. Zoya says the same. What would it be a good idea for us to do now Mahi? Where will we discover Aditya now?


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