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Bepannaah 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Bepannaah 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Bepannaah 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts WithΒ Zoya, Aditya and Rajvir take a gander at each other. Rajvir acclaims his catch. I am sad. Did I demolish the diversion? Aditya denies. We were simply playing cricket. Anybody can play. Kalpesh meets his companion and acquaints him with everybody. He just proposed your name to me. He has come the distance from London to be a piece of our Diamond Jubilee festivity. Rajvir says his full name – Rajvir Khanna.

You both ought to recollect his name well. We will acclimate better at this point. individuals say that I have an extraordinary ability. The individuals who meet me once can’t overlook me. He expands his hand towards Aditya who says thanks to him for alluding their name. Kalpesh clarifies that his companion’s comical inclination is altogether different. He acquaints Zoya as Zoya Hooda with Rajvir. Rajvir rehashes the full name. He shakes hands with Zoya however she flinches in

torment. Aditya inquires as to whether she is harmed. She gestures. A bit. Rajvir likewise meets Mahi. Aditya inquires as to whether he has come to India just for the occasion or for something different. Rajvir answers that he came here to discover reality. It is said that you can discover everybody’s face when you come to India. Simply feel that I came here for that reason as it were. Kanti Ji meets Rajvir. Rajvir asks him where he ought to go looking for truth, Kashi, Banaras or above. Kanti Ji says you are so youthful.

Try not to discuss demise. Rajvir says I was indicating at mountains. Zoya is in torment. Kanti ji discloses to him he is cheerful to see him here. Rajvir says I came here for everybody. Presently there will be firecrackers. Zoya looks somewhat baffled. Aditya sees her hand. Akansha recommends Zoya to apply ice. Appears like your finger is broken. She pardons herself. Aditya takes after her.

Sakshi supposes she can’t spend her life in fear this way. This blackmailer will wind up sure on the off chance that I pay him once. She gets the photograph. Just I know the reality of that day. This photograph indicates that I favoured both Yash and Pooja eagerly. Will Aditya believe me on the off chance that I disclose to him reality? Anjana strolls in. What are you escaping us Sakshi? You went out stealthily today also. Sakshi lies that she went for a walk however Anjana is certain she is concealing something. I will discover reality as it is about my child. No matter what, I won’t give my child a chance to get hurt once more!

Zoya sits on a seat and Aditya stands somewhat far to perceive what she will do straight away. Akansha proposes taking Zoya to the doc however Zoya needs to hold up till the match closes. Mahi is likewise watching them from far. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand and bends her fingers.

She starts to reprimand him in Urdu however he brings up that he settled it rather (while calling her Urdu Queen πŸ˜€ ). Zoya is shocked as the agony is altogether gone at this point. Sagarika comments this is intimate romance. Akansha clears out. Sagarika says the finger will undoubtedly be settled. You thought Aditya was admonishing you for reasons unknown however he was rather helping you. She gives ice pack to Zoya.

You are extremely fortunate to have Aditya as your better half who cherishes and comprehends you. He likewise realizes that occasionally he should give you a little torment to improve you feel. Aditya starts to return when Mahi approaches him out for a supper. Kalpesh and Rajvir come there simply at that point. Kalpesh discloses to them that Rajvir influenced his dad to consent to offer contract to Zosh as it were. Aditya expresses gratitude toward Rajvir. Where did you see my name? Rajvir answers that both of you are extremely well known. Aditya is certain something is interesting about Rajvir.

Rajvir asks them since when are they wedded. Aditya and Zoya give diverse answers. Rajvir instructs them to choose first. Zoya clarifies that they know each other since 5 years and have been hitched for a long time. Rajvir welcomes them over supper today around evening time. I would love to know your romantic tale. Sagarika likes the thought. Aditya tries to pull out yet Rajvir does not let him. Virani’s leave. Mahi is irritated that her arrangement is thwarted. They will play Ghar-Ghar today around evening time!

Arjun meets Noor. Did you realize that RJ AJ won’t be in? She gets dismal. He approaches her out for espresso. We will progress toward becoming companions. It is said that work winds up less demanding in the event that you make your partners companions. Noor concurs.

Rajvir reminds Kalpesh and Sagarika that their romantic tale could finish due to him as it were. He directs his concentration toward Zoya and Aditya. How could you all meet 5 years back and how did the story advance? They raise a toast for Zoya and Aditya. Zoya does not drink. Rajvir comments that they look like recently wedded couple. When you all said 3 and 5 years, it influenced us to feel as though you were really cooking some story. I should state that both of you are to a great degree delightful.

Aditya says we met in school. Rajvir gets some information about the school. Zoya winds up saying Mussorie which brings up more issues. Aditya says Dehradun is in Mussoorie. Parcel numerous individuals contemplate there thus did I. They shroud their appearances behind the menu and talk about the phony story that they need to introduce. Rajvir inquires as to whether it was all consuming, instant adoration. Zoya says yes while Aditya says no. Everybody takes a gander at them. Zoya says it was for me yet not for him. Rajvir says I can’t trust it. Zoya is so delightful.

How might you not experience passionate feelings for at first sight? Aditya considers Pooja. I knew her since adolescence. She was my closest companion. We grew up together, contemplated together, began to look all starry eyed at and got hitched. My better half was my closest companion. Rajvir gets “was”. Zoya says we were closest companions first and now I am his significant other. Sagarika is anxious to know more. How could you folks wed? Aditya and Zoya answer diversely once more. Rajvir again instructs them to choose.

Aditya says we needed to praise it stupendously yet we needed to flee at last. Rajvir says express gratitude toward God it happened. Aditya requests that everybody arrange. He shrouds himself behind the menu and swings to Zoya. Did you run off to wed? You don’t resemble that write. Zoya requests that he look in front. Rajvir is taking a gander at you. Aditya takes a gander at Rajvir and spreads his face totally with the menu.

Rajvir comments that he has begun to have confidence in affection in the wake of meeting them once more. It is said that eyes mirror what’s in the heart. I can see that adoration plainly in your eyes. Sagarika seconds him. They look better than average together. The Host plays a tune for every one of the couples in the eatery. Rajvir proposes Zoya and Aditya’s name.

Sagarika additionally requests that Kalpesh move. Zoya is reluctant however Sagarika says you don’t have to know it. You simply need to accept the way things are. She takes Zoya and Aditya with her. Sagarika and Kalpesh stand together and Zoya and Aditya wind up remaining before each other. Zoya shakes her head at Aditya. I don’t know how to move.

A server keeps a graph paper on the ground. Host advises the couples to remain on them for the move. It will be collapsed each time the tune goes to an interruption and after that you can continue your move. The couple which figures out how to move on the littlest bit of paper till the end wins. As a discipline (on the off chance that they fall flat), they should kiss each other. At long last nobody loses! Zoya and Aditya take a gander at each other in stun. Zoya discloses to Aditya she wont have the capacity to do it.

She starts to go however Rajvir obstructs her direction. Customs don’t look great between couples. You both are a couple, isn’t that so? Zoya demonstrates to him her mangalsutra. What are you saying? Rajvir asks them for what good reason they are surrendering at that point. Diversion just started. Hold up to perceive what occurs straightaway. Keep in mind the discipline. All the best. He wishes good fortunes to Sagarika and Kalpesh too. Everybody applauds the members.




Zoya is resting. She sees a shadow outside her window, picks a vase and requests to know who is there. Aditya hops inside. Zoya shouts uproariously. Her shout wakes Madhu Ji and Mahi. Zoya hits Aditya with the vase (energetically). What are you doing here at this hour? Is this some Dharamshala where you can come however you see fit? Madhu ji and Mahi thump at the entryway.


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