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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Ammi Comes To The Room Where Iqbal Dances With Her. She Scolds That He Hasn’t Yet Grown Serious. Iqbal Says If One Gets Serious After Marriage He Doesn’t Want To Marry. Ammi Forbids Him Speak Like This. Iqbal Asks Her Not To Be So Emotional. Ammi Tells Iqbal That After Marriage, He Must Always Keep Teni As Number One After Marriage.

Afterwards, Ipshita Comes To Iqbal In The Room. She Tells Iqbal He Is A Really Handsome Man And Can Get A Better Girl Than Teni. Iqbal Says He Already Promised, And Will Now Have To Marry Her. Ipshita Says It’s A Matter Of Whole Of His Life. She Offers To Download An App In His Mobile Through Which He Can Find A Better Girl. Iqbal Asks Who Taught Her All This. Ipshita Asks To Demand Something From Iqbal And Asks Teni. Iqbal Apologizes, As She Won’t Be Able To Give

Teni To Her. Ipshita Leaves Annoyed. Iqbal Was Thoughtful.Indu Was Lost In The Thoughts About Teni’s Past Wedding While She Helps Teni’s Makeover. Teni Was Irritated, She Tells Her To Hurry Up And Not To Get Lost In Any Past Thoughts Now. Indu Was Looking For Maang Tikka. Parth Had Come At The Door. Indu And Teni Both Looked Worried About Having Lost The Maan Tikka, Parth Goes To Arrange For A Maang Tikka. He Comes To His Room And Takes A Maang Tikka Teni Work During Her Wedding With Parth.

Iqbal Comes Downstairs And Greets The Molvi. Parth Brings The Maang Tikka For Teni. She Recognizes It And Tells Parth That Thinking About Past Would Be In Vain. She Tries To Wear The Maang Tikka. Parth Asks Why She Is Disturbed When She Has Already Decided To Move On In Life. He Helps Her Wear The Maang Tikka. Ground floor, Molvi Sahib Asks Ammi To Bring The Bride Downstairs. Iqbal Looks Towards Ipshita, Then Goes To Get Teni Himself. In The Room, Teni Tells Parth To Leave.

Parth Asks If She Would Be Able To Hide From Iqbal For A Lifetime That She Has Her Memory Back, Iqbal Is A True Man And She Would Lie To Him. Teni Forbids Him To Complicate Her In Right And Wrong At This Time, She Is Marrying Iqbal And Would Never Leave His Side. Iqbal Finds Parth Walking Out Of Teni’s Room, He Was Speechless At Iqbal’s Inquiry But Iqbal Doesn’t Pay Much Heed. In The Room, Teni Was Ready. Iqbal Asks Teni If She Loves Him. Teni Asks What Kind Of Question This Is, If She Says A No-Won’t He Marry Her? Iqbal Says He Loves Her Truly, She Must Tell Him If She Has Something In Her Heart.

Teni Stares At Him. Iqbal Breaks Into Laughter And Says It Took Him Four Years To Convince Her, He Would Forcefully Marry Her Now. They Go Hand In Hand Towards The Hall. Iqbal Gives Teni A Last Chance To Say Something. He Then Comes To Molvi Sahib And Thanks Him For Coming Over But This Nikah Won’t Take Place. Ammi Was Shocked. Iqbal Says Teni Holds Love Not For Him But For Someone Else.

Teni Was Crying. Iqbal Comes To Teni And Complains That She Didn’t Consider Him Worth Sharing Her Thoughts. He Says He Had Given Her A Chance, But She Didn’t Say; Now It’s Turn. He Is Better As A Business Partner With Teni But Only Parth Deserves Be Her Life Partner, She Doesn’t Need To Leave Her Daughter, Her Husband And Her Family For Him.

Iqbal Now Comes To Ipshita. She Gives Her Teni Mama To Her, And In Return Demands A Lifetime Friendship From Ipshita. Ipshita Was Thankful To Iqbal And Hugs Him. She Now Comes To Hug Teni. Iqbal Says The Residents Of Delhi Are A Little Crazy As Well, He Can’t Bear To Stay Here Anymore. He Makes Up His Crying Ammi And Turns To Leave. Indu Was Elated And Comes To Hug Teni. They Watch Iqbal Walk Out. Teni Cries While Watching Him Leave. The Family Was United.

The Show Has Ended

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