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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Iqbal was conveying a hot plate of Jalebi which tumbled off. Parth comes to him. Iqbal says at whatever point he will accomplish something great throughout everyday life, this happens. Parth recommends him to blessing Teni chocolates. Iqbal says he thought she is customary young lady and might want things, for example, Jalebi. Parth offers Iqbal a few chocolates from his pack. Iqbal strolls into the room and put a chomp of chocolate into Teni’s mouth who was sleeping over a sofa. Teni pushes Iqbal away and turns his position. Iqbal curses himself and tosses the case of chocolate. Teni awakens and discovers her most loved chocolates on the table. As she eats from it, Teni thinks about how she like this chocolate and this flavor is so natural. She was never rich to purchase such costly chocolate. Iqbal was grateful to Parth who knows well about young ladies. He was self-reproachful

to Teni that its his mix-up, he considered Rashida and Teni got furious with him. He starts a hundred sit remains as discipline. Teni stops Iqbal and starts the sit remains with him. At the point when Iqbal stops, Teni acknowledges Iqbal for having a delicate heart. They spot Rashida coming towards the room. Teni was on the double conciliatory to Iqbal who again demonstrated her state of mind. Rashida says Saleem has come down the stairs with desserts. Teni takes Rashida down the stairs to bolster her with some dry organic products.

Rashida talk about with Teni that Iqbal is a furious man and holds a strict state of mind towards Teni. Teni discloses to Rashida she knows Iqbal and Rashida would wed. Rashida says she never needed to wed Iqbal. Teni now imparts to Rashida that Iqbal would not like to hurt her and acts strict with her before Rashida. Rashida supplements that Iqbal is a delicate on a basic level man. A worker comes to take Rashida to Khala. At the point when Rashida comes to Khala a servant had brought a letter from Ammi. Ammi had written in letter that she needs a medicinal examination of Teni, however she wouldn’t like to lose Iqbal’s trust. She is going to Dargah leaving the issue on Khala. Khala imparts to Rasheeda that they aren’t mindful who is Teni and where she originated from. She persuades Rashida to be Iqbal’s ally being a decent companion.

In the corridor, Teni was as yet confounded about Parth and was abrupt that he turned her life to damnation. She strolls the first floor where Parth was making a course of action for the mandap. Teni sends the workers inside, at that point questions Parth why he sent the tea and chocolate for her. She doesn’t significantly recollect which chocolate she loves. Parth says he knows her more than she knows herself. Khala calls Teni who leaves the lobby.

In the room, Khala was yelling Teni’s name for help. Rashida requests that Teni take Khala to help, Teni was prepared to take her however her weddings customs would start soon. She goes to get her handbag before they take off. Rashida was dreadful imagine a scenario where there is something incorrectly.

There, Indu persuades Parth that he should convey the truth to Teni and reveal to her what’s valid.

Teni doesn’t care for the healing centre Khala came to. Khala says she knows the specialist well here. Khala goes inside while Teni holds up outside. As Khala offers the heap of cash to the specialist, the specialist teaches her secretary to take the tea to Teni. She tells Khala there is a medication of obviousness in the tea, they will have the capacity to do the checkup well. Teni accepts a call from Iqbal before tasting from tea, and advises him she conveyed Khala to a facility for consistent examination. Iqbal was prepared to come there as well. Teni messages him the address. Khala caught the discussion and calls Rashida to prevent Iqbal from coming to healing facility. Teni had completed the tea and felt mixed up on the double. She fell oblivious.


PRECAP: At home, Khala asks Teni for what good reason she concealed reality from Iqbal and didn’t reveal to him she is now a mother of a kid.


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