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Ek Deewana Tha 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ek Deewana Tha 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewana Tha 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with KK advises Radhika to think. He was investing more energy with you till yesterday and now he consented to wed Shivani. He should be up to something! It is safe to say that you are certain sudden choice? For what reason did it happen? She calls his figment. It is on the grounds that Akash cherishes Shivani.

There isn’t much to think. He brings up that he dint perceive how Akash addressed me a day or two ago. She says this is the manner by which your condition with him is. Chill! You had an issue with him when he was tailing me. He is at long last wedding Shivani yet regardless you have an issue. What’s your concern? KK says how it will matter to me. I can promise a certain something however. He wont abandon you even in the wake of wedding Shivani.

Shivani says the end result for your voice. For what reason does your face appear to be unique? He says you haven’t seen my total face yet. He starts to expel the veil from his face.

Radhika advises KK to stop over reasoning however he says love you to her (in a prodding way). She instructs him to quit saying it over and over. He apologizes to her. I won’t state it once more. She proposes instructing it to Akash now. The person expels the veil from his face and old Vyom has appeared. Shivani takes a gander at him paralyzed.

KK concurs with Radhika’s choice to tell Akash everything. You can let him know however it can worry him. Shivani will likewise discover at that point. She asks him what they ought to do at that point. He says this wedding is an open door for us. Mr. what’s more, Mrs Bedi will be occupied in the wedding. We will stand up to them about the old woman; that entryway; the psychological clinic! We will ask them everything and they should reply!

Shivani backs off in fear. What sort of a joke is this? He says I have turned into the joke. The one I thought to be Sharanya over every one of these years ended up being Shivani. Shivani gets some information about Sharanya. He strolls up to her. I am Vyom Bedi and not Akash. Your folks aren’t your however my folks! Rajan Bedi and Madhvi Bedi are my folks. I am their child!

Radhika says we need to ask in regards to Shiv and Sharanya as well. What’s their association with us? Why things turned out to be so weird with us since we came here.

Vyom says your companion Radhika is Sharanya. Shivani met Radhika on the sets. What garbage! Vyom says I sat tight for Sharanya for a long time. This isn’t the narrative of this birth however of the past one! Shivani takes a gander at the entryway. Vyom says I endeavoured to keep myself youthful to pick up her.

I took meds. Infusions yet they responded adversely! Flashback demonstrates Vyom infusing himself with a few pharmaceuticals. Disregard youthful, I turned more seasoned. I at that point got this cover. Shivani inquires as to whether he has gone frantic. Vyom says I have gone frantic for Sharanya. Her affection influenced me to do such numerous things. She thumps at the entryway and yells out to everybody.

Vyom remains at his place as she tries to search for an exit plan. She implores him to release her however he winds up slapping her. She falls to the ground. Vyom sits by her. Every one of the entryways and windows is bolted from outside. There is no point yelling. Nobody will have the capacity to come as everybody is secured their separate rooms! You took okay care of me and adored me also. Consequently, I will likewise need to deal with you. Yet, the thing is that you are interfering with me and Sharanya so I should murder you! Her eyes enlarge in fear. Vyom includes that their connection has turned out to be solid.

You should know the story at that point. I won’t give you much torment, however. I will keep it straightforward. Tune in to the story first. She takes a gander at him.KK goes to Radhika’s room. He demonstrates her a document. I couldn’t locate the whole story. I could just discover a piece of it. She peruses article of Dhananjay Mehra’s passing. KK says every one of his organizations and organizations has a place with Rajan Bedi now. His better half’s name is said as Suvarna. Mrs Bedi tended to that old woman with a similar name before she goes out. That old woman is nobody else yet Suvarna Mehra.

Somebody blasts the sledge before Suvarna. She is tied up and her face is secured by a material as well. The person says you will pass on today around evening time. Everything will be over with you today around evening time!KK says I think she fled with her child, however, Bedi’s murdered her child and kept her as their hostage. Shivani says you called me Shiv. I know it will sound irregular however it is conceivable that I am Shiv’s resurrection.

Vyom drinks water. The teeth are additionally phoney. I am certain you will have bunches of inquiries in your brain. Till now everybody tuned in to Sharanya’s story. There was a Deewani and a Deewana. Presently you should tune in to Vyom Bedi’s story. I was regardless I am a Deewana – Vyom Bedi!




Vyom/Akash is remaining before Shivani while somebody has is holding her from behind. He has kept his one hand over her mouth and is holding a blade in his other hand. Vyom/Akash openings Shivani’s throat.


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