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Ek Deewana Tha 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update

Ek Deewana Tha 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewana Tha 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Vyom Tells Sharanya That Even Shiv Is Saying To Kill Him, So Do It, Else He Will Kill His Parents. Sharanya Asks Vyom To Stop With These Murders. Vyom Says One Last Murder. Rajan Tells Shiv To Let Them Die. This Is Their Punishment Of Giving Birth To Devil. Suvarna Also Tells Shiv That He Can’t Die. Shiv Says She Has Struggled For So Long And He Couldn’t Do Anything For Her.

He Then Tells Sharanya That If He Can Save 3 Lives By Dying, Then He Is Ready. Vyom Gives Knife To Sharanya And Says It’s Easy, Just Have To Stab. Madhvi, Rajan, Suvarna All Tell Sharanya Not To Do This. Sharanya Closes Her Eyes And Moves Her Hand Forward. She Drops Knife. Shiv Catches It And Throws It At Freddy. Freddy Dies. He Then Kicks Vyom’s Hand. Rajan Catches The Gun And Asks Vyom Not To Move, He Will

Shoot Him. Shiv Says Not Too Easily, He Has To Pay For All His Crimes. Vyom Spreads His Hand And Invites Shiv To Beat Him. Shiv Beats Him Up Reminding Vyom All Wrong Things/Crimes That He Committed. He Then Takes Knife Out Of Freddy’s Body And Tries To Kill Vyom. Sharanya Stops Shiv. She Says He Can’t Commit A Crime To Punish A Criminal. Vyom’s Biggest Defeat Will Be When He Sees Them Marrying. He Will Then Realize That Sharanya Belongs To Shiv Only, No One Else. Vyom Asks Shiv To Kill Him, Else He Won’t Let That Marriage Happen.

Shiv Drops The Knife. Vyom Picks It Up And Asks Shiv To End This Story And Kill Him. Sharanya And Shiv Hold Hands And Walk Away. Vyom Says They Will Regret If They Don’t Kill Him. Sharanaya And Shiv Take Pheres Around The Fire. Vyom Watches Them. Shiv Then Puts Mangalsutra On Sharanya. Vyom Turns His Face And Starts Walking. Sharanya Tells Him That He Tried A Lot To Separate Them, But They Are Still Together After Dying. She Only Belongs To Shiv And No One Can Separate Them.

Vyom Turns Back And Tells Sharanya That This Is Vyom’s Madness. He Will Be Back. He Jumps Down The Cliff. Madhvi And Rajan Scream Vyommm. Everybody Is Shocked. Madhvi And Rajan See Him Falling Down. Madhvi Cries And Tells Rajan That They Couldn’t Save Their Son. Rajan Says This Was Their Destiny. Vyom’s Departure Was Required For Everyone.

Later In Night, Sharanya Gets Ready For Wedding Night. Shiv Comes. She Says You Are Here? He Says Yes, He Got Little Late. She Says Little Late? It Took Him 2 Births To Come. Shiv Tells Her That She Looks Beautiful. She Says Her Forehead Waited For 2 Years To Be Filled With Shiv’s Name’s Sindhoor.

Her mangalsutra That Is Close To Her Heart Is Witness For All Pain That She Got When Shiv Wasn’t With Her. She Holds His Hands And Says God Proved Today That True Love Always Win. They Got Together After So Long, After So Much Suffering. Nobody Can Separate them. The Hug.

Shiv Says That Pain Gave Them Spirit To Fight. They Took Re-Birth To Be Together. Nobody Can Separate Them Now. From Today, Shiv Is Sharanya’s. Sharanya Says And She’s Shiv’s. They Were About To Kiss When Heavy Wind Blows. Candles Go Off, Mirror Gets Broken. They See Vyom In Broken Mirror Pieces.

Vyom/His Ghost Comes Behind Them And Says Sharanya Is His. She Can’t Be Someone Else’s. Deewane Die, But Their Deewanapan, Madness Doesn’t. Vyom Will Always Be Sharanya’s Deewana And His Madness Will Write A New Story. Sharanya Will Be His Only.


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