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Ek Deewana Tha 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ek Deewana Tha 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewana Tha 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Vyom says we raised you so well and even sent you to London. You are pleasant young lady however I adore Sharanyaa part. Presently you should bite the dust. She takes a gander at him shocked. Shivani asks for him not to do as such but rather he guarantees to make it easy for her.

Madhvi asks for Rajan to accomplish something. He can murder Shivani. Rajan says we can leave the town with Shivani. Madhvi offers to bring her yet he knows he wont see so effortlessly. She requests an answer. He recommends influencing her odor to chloroform. We will take her out from the secondary passage. Auto is stopped there. Gather your sacks. We should go out immediately to spare Shivani from that fallen angel!

Vyom expresses gratitude toward Shivani for taking care of him. He readies an infusion for himself.Rajan picks the packs. I will keep them in the auto first. Nobody should think about it. We will at that point take Shivani with us. Somebody bolts their room’s entryway from outside.Radhika thinks to brighten up KK. She tries to leave her room yet the entryway is bolted from outside.

Vyom is energized for the present. I will do cosmetics now. Shivani takes a gander at the entryway and at the organic product cut kept on her table. She lifts it up when he is preparing and strolls towards him. She is going to cut him when somebody holds her hand. It is a similar old person who had held her hand that day (Freddy). Vyom discloses to Shivani it is difficult to execute Vyom. She is stunned to see his change. Vyom says I can’t pass on till Sharanya is mine. Btw, meet my companion Freddy the Teddy. He bolstered me for a long time.

Madhvi is certain this is Vyom’s work. Rajan has an uncertainty on Freddy. He is doing whatever Vyom has been stating since most recent 25 years. Madhvi is certain they both are up to something. I am extremely stressed. What would it be advisable for us to do? They blast at the entryway.

Radhika is additionally yelling for help. Somebody please open the entryway! KK hears her voice however his room’s entryway is additionally bolted. He takes a gander at the window.Vyom discloses to Shivani that he was harmed that day upon his demand as it were.


Freddy declines to hurt Vyom however Vyom asks for him to do it. Sharanya has an uncertainty on me thus does Shiv. Freddy is stressed for his life however Vyom does wouldn’t fret. You know I can do anything for Sharanya.


We share a profound bond. Freddy says I can slaughter and bite the dust for you. He covers Shivani’s mouth with one hand and holds the blade before her neck with his other hand.

Radhika reveals to KK that somebody has secured her in the room. He figures out how to leave his room’s window. He tears it open with his leg. He is certain Mr. what’s more, Mrs Bedi is behind it.

Shivani recollects her minutes with Vyom/Akash. Vyom openings Shivani’s throat. Blood spills on the floor. Freddy and Vyom share an embrace.

Everybody goes to Shivani’s room however they just discover Akash/Vyom there grasping a letter. She cleared out me. Madhvi reviews his frenzy for Sharanya before and takes a gander at him dazed. Radhika and KK additionally read the letter (I need to end up a star first and would prefer not to wed at this point).

Madhvi says she can’t do this. Akash/Vyom says the same. I cherished her and needed to wed her yet perhaps she wasn’t content with this choice. I constrained her to wed me today itself. It’s totally my blame. Madhvi likewise points the finger at him. My girl can’t leave without letting us know! She used to call us 4 times in a day from London! Where is she? You just accomplished brief comment! Rajan advises her to control herself yet Madhvi requests for an answer from Vyom/Akash. Vyom/Akash trusts his mom won’t demolish his arrangement in light of her feelings.




Madhvi asks Akash/Vyom where her Shivani is. It would be ideal if you Vyom let me know. He strolls towards the window. Freddy is standing ideal outside holding Shivani’s dead body.


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