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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With uncle advising his arrangement to Genda. He says I had seized Julie, now she has achieved CM house. Genda says request that Chaitu deals with his bison. Janta says this wild ox appears to be identical, I got this plan to spare my child. Overseer gets his child. Janta embraces his child and expresses gratitude toward him. Monitor says our mind works when it’s about sparing activity. Gathering men get annoyed and go out. They get stunned seeing Julie back. They joyfully get out Chaitu. Everybody gets glad seeing Julie.

Pakori assumes the praise. Chaitu says astounding work, I will give you MLA ticket this time. Police additionally get a wild ox and see Julie there as of now. Officers leave. Chaitu says we require submissive officers like you. He smiles. Imli requests that Chaitu have nourishment. Chaitu says its enough. Imli and Puttan get some information about his political profession and bolster him. Chaitu tells about the high oil rates. He leaves for work. Jha says CM is dozing in office. He yells CBI and awakens CM. Chaitu gets up and asks what CBI. Jha says there is a letter from focus, they are giving oil pumps to a few females, we made some rundown, an assignment will be made to ones who merit it. Chaitu says we can’t offer it to anybody haphazardly, I will offer it to one who merits it and furthermore takes a cost. Pahelwan Singh comes to talk and requests that Chaitu designate oil pumps to his companions.

Chaitu asks how much will I get after this work. Pahelwan says 25 lakhs for every pump. Chaitu concurs. Pahelwan expresses gratitude toward him. Chaitu checks the records. Imli asks how much will you function, take rest. He says whom might I distribute petroleum pumps. She says I will help you, I effectively made the rundown. Imli calls the general population she has picked. Chaitu gets worn out and dozes. Journalist tells about petroleum pumps appropriation. Genda says something isn’t right. Uncle says Chaitu is tuning in to his significant other, I won’t let him get benefits. He says we will target Pahelwan and break Chaitu’s gathering, we will disclose Pahelwan to inconvenience Chaitu. Chaitu says I have given the rundown, they ought to get the oil pumps. Chaya says you are exceptionally gifted. Jha comes.

Chaitu says we have influenced the meriting individuals to list, I chose this. Pahelwan comes and says you fouled up by not giving oil pumps to the individuals from my rundown. Chaitu says what might I do, Imli has pressurized me, attempt to comprehend, spare yourself from restriction. He goes. Jha alarms Chaitu of Genda. Gathering men come crying. Imli blacks out. Rajneeti asks the end result for father. Chaitu returns home in Ghunghat. They see his eye punched and swollen. Jha says resistance did this. Malai comes to see Chaitu. Imli says Chaitu is here. Malai asks who has beaten Chaitu, let me know. He enlightens them regarding Genda. Chaitu holds his eye. Imli requests that him not go get together, Genda’s point is great.



Pahelwan joins Genda and her uncle. Chaitu says we need to cross out issued petroleum pumps. Imli says this can’t occur, we have taken goose as of now.


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