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Ikyawann 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Susheel hearing Mehul’s discussion and crying. He says I know you will return, we as a whole will stay here and have your fav snacks. He detects her around and swings to see. She covers up and cries. He sees her pic and cries. Satya sees Kali resting and goes to her. He covers her with cover as well. He says I will end up being a decent child and show. Its morning, Satya enables Kali in a family to work. She asks are you fine. He says I m attempting to help, where is Leela. Kali says Sejal took her to the sanctuary, she didn’t do anything today.

Pandit comes. She requests that Satya call Leela home. Pandit says Leela said its Tervi puja. Satya asks whose Tervi, what, its Leela’s birthday puja. Leela comes and says no, its Susheel’s Tervi puja, so I called her father as well. She calls Mehul in. She says Sejal went to call contender, this haven is fundamental for Susheel’s spirit. Susheel gets furious and says I had completed a great deal to win Leela’s heart, I m embarrassed, take a gander at her. Contender Didi says she is as yet meandering aimlessly, she endeavoured to execute you. Susheel asks in what manner will father deal with this. Contender Didi says I will locate a possibility and converse with him.

She gets a message and says this won’t be simple, I need to go. Everybody sits in the puja. Warrior Didi comes. Leela figures Susheel will likewise come. She feels sorry for Susheel and miracles Mehul. Susheel hears this available to come back to work with Fighter Didi. She says this isn’t right, in what manner can Lord make a wrong win. Satya says I m stressed that Susheel can do anything in outrage, don’t stress. Leela figures for what reason isn’t Susheel coming. She says I need to make a gift for Susheel. Susheel comes there in a mask and covers her face. Leela gives things to everybody. She says for what reason didn’t she come till now.

Susheel goes to Mehul and takes philanthropy from him. She touches his feet. She keeps a note close to the pic. Leela checks a lady. Susheel goes. Mehul runs and lights diya. He gets a note. Leela picks it up and asks what’s this, it tumbled from your pocket. Leela says its clear. Mehul holds the note close diya. He peruses Susheel’s note, we will have your fav snacks soon together, simply don’t advise this to anybody. He grins and glances around. Leela asks what happened. Kali says there is nobody. Leela asks Mehul for what reason did he bless Susheel’s Tervi. He says I simply need to live with her recollections, don’t expand my torment. Leela yells Susheel is alive. She requests that he demonstrate Susheel’s letter.

Satya requests that Leela stop it. Leela checks the clear paper. Warrior Didi says there is nothing composed in it. Satya says extremely sad for this. Leela inquires as to why are you saying sorry to learn. Sejal reproves Leela. Mehul goes. Satya requests that Leela stop it. He goes to meet Susheel and discovers her furious. Susheel says Leela isn’t embarrassed, she has endeavoured to murder me and constrained Mehul to do my Tervi. Contender Didi quiets her. Susheel surges in outrage. Satya requests that she stop. She says I won’t leave Leela today. Satya meets Mehul and apologizes. Mehul says you know in regards to Susheel, anything? Satya says no, why. Mehul demonstrates to him the note and says I know she is alive, reveal to me really, where is she. Satya thinks how to come clean.


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