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Ikyawann 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Mehul asking Satya reality. Journalists get back home and get some information about Susheel, is she seeing Susheel everything, for what reason did she arrange 2 lakhs rs cake. Leela requests that he get out, what’s his concern. A correspondent says its Susheel’s Tervis occurring here, in what manner can Susheel be seen here, she has gone frantic. Leela yells at them.

Kali says I wish Susheel returns home, Leela is carrying on such on account of Susheel. Mehul asks how is Susheel, disclose to me Satya, I got her letter today, I simply need to know how is she, why is she not coming to me, reveal to me something. Satya says Susheel is alive. Mehul says thanks to Lord and cries. Satya says Fighter Didi and I are in contact with her, don’t stress, she will be with you soon, sad I can’t inform you concerning her, she is fine, Leela shouldn’t know this. Mehul says guarantee you will get her to me. Satya guarantees and embraces him.

Sejal says the way Leela carried on, I feel sorry for her, we should take her to mental doctor’s facility for the checkup. Kali says she will get fine, I will converse with her. They see a few specialists. Sejal says I didn’t call them here. Satya blindfolds Leela and gets her there. He says I called them. Leela requests her birthday present. She asks who are they. Satya says you are carrying on abnormal, we are strained, we need you to get treated.

Leela asks did you go distraught, Susheel has sent them right. She asks the specialists. She sees Susheel outside the entryway and gets stunned. Kali holds Leela. Leela peruses Susheel’s message. She says I will run with these specialists. She takes a stick and goes to hit Susheel. Susheel tumbles down. They all get stunned seeing Susheel. Satya asks where is Susheel, we can’t see her. He signs no to Kali and Sejal. Leela requests that they see. They get quiet.

Satya says she isn’t here. Kali says she will dependably remain in your psyche. Sejjal says you fouled up with her. Kali gets some information about her requital. Leela asks was it not wrong what Mehul did with Kiran, I ought to have murdered her, she comes before me to startle me, its great she kicked the bucket, I will remain in my room from now. Satya inquires as to for what reason did you slaughter her.

Leela says for what reason do you give it a second thought, you offended her right. Susheel says on the grounds that you executed me. They all cry. Leela says yes, regardless of whether you were alive today, I would have killed you, I killed your family ladies, Mehul made Kiran frantic, I didn’t leave any lady, I attempted to kill Susheel commonly, so I killed her after the wrestling match. They all get stunned.

Sejal says you were acting to discover Susheel. Kali says Susheel has endured this by itself, I m sorry Susheel. Susheel embraces Kali and Sejal. Leela gets stunned. She says Susheel is alive, look Satya. Kali says you flopped once more. Susheel says you will go imprison now, everything got recorded, look there. She demonstrates the camera. Sejal says your dramatization is over at this point. Leela giggles. She says I couldn’t care less, I did well, I will murder her. She assaults Susheel. Satya and everybody attempt to stop her. Leela pushes Satya and switches off the power. Susheel and Leela take off. Satya searches for them. Leela returns and tumbles down. Satya grasps her and sees the blood. Leela says she has hit me and fled. They get stunned. Leela says she has rendered retribution from me. Satya gets back. Leela bites the dust. They cry.




Leela is taken by police. Examiner says Susheel has murdered her, she is a criminal, she will be gotten up to speed soon. Contender Didi says she can’t do this, where did she go.

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