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Ikyawann 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kali coming to Fighter didi’s house and asking about Susheel. She says Leela is no more. She tells everything. Fighter Didi gets shocked. Kali cries and says why is this happening. Leela is taken for post-mortem. Inspector asks who else was present here. Satya says Susheel was here, don’t know where she went. Inspector says Susheel is your wife right, so she killed Leela and ran away. Sejal says Susheel can’t do this. Inspector says we will catch Susheel soon. Fighter didi hears people gossiping. She worries. Satya goes to his room and shouts Susheel…. He breaks the things around. Sejal stops Kali.

Kali says I didn’t think this will happen. Sejal asks what shall we do now. Kali says everything got ruined. Fighter didi sees Susheel’s wanted pics and says she can’t do this, else she would have done this before. Satya cries. Chann Se jo tuta….plays….. Kali asks Satya to have food, its Leela’s fav food. She says I know you are annoyed, but we have to do these rituals. Satya says I m not crying for Dadi, but for Susheel, she did wrong with Susheel, she got punished but my Susheel disappeared again because of her.

Its morning, Sejal asks Kali what happened to her. Kali slaps her. Satya asks what’s happening. Kali says no puja or ritual will happen here. Satya asks why did you slap Sejal. Kali scolds her. She says we will do what I say now, forget Susheel. Sejal says we have to do Leela’s final rites. Kali asks her to shut up. She says Leela isn’t related to us, if anyone tries to do something, then… Satya calms her. Fighter Didi says police thinks Susheel killed Leela and ran away, Susheel can’t do this, she just wants justice, she is clean hearted, she would have done this before if she wanted, we have to find her before the police get her. She asks her to keep wanted posters inside.

Sejal cries. Jhanno consoles her. Sejal says maybe I did a mistake, Kali got angry at me. She says I will talk to Kali, she can’t stay hungry. Kali cries and says sorry Sejal, forgive me, I was helpless. She cries talking to Susheel’s pic. Sejal comes to her and apologizes. She asks her to have food. Kali starts shouting at her. Sejal says please have food, tell me why are you doing this. Kali shuts the door and cries. Food falls down. Sejal cries.

Fighter Didi meets Satya. He says everything is fine, just mum….. She asks who has spoiled the poster. He says calm down, maybe some kid did this when Susheel comes back, everything will get fine. She asks why didn’t you stop this. He says I couldn’t do. She says we have to prove Susheel didn’t do anything. He asks her to go and prove it then. They say sorry to each other. She asks him to take care of Kali and Sejal. She goes.



Kali pours kerosene on herself. Sejal and Satya run to stop her. She lights a matchstick.


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