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Ikyawann 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Satya getting a call. He supposes its Susheel. The man requests that are you coming gather Leela’s body from a clinic. Sejal says Kali is carrying on strange, what might I do. He says Leela is our Dadi, we need to get her body and do her last rituals. Kali says this won’t occur. She pushes Sejal and requests that Satya give telephone. She says Leela won’t come here once more. He says she isn’t an unclaimed body, I don’t know why you are doing this, I m going healing centre for settlement. Kali pours lamp oil on herself.

Satya and Sejal endeavour to stop. Kali pushes them. She lights a matchstick. She requests that them not go anyplace. She says reveal to them we aren’t coming, request that they do last ceremonies. Satya concurs and educates the same to doctor’s facility, that they aren’t identified with Leela.

He asks Kali for what good reason is she undermining them. Kali says I will govern in this house now. Sejal says in what capacity would kali be able to say as much, I don’t get it. He says the matter is something different, mum can never do this. Kali goes to room and cries. Leela asks did you do what I said. Kali sees the came behind the media. Kali says yes. Leela says great, you have done dramatization well. Kali contends with her. Leela undermines her about Susheel. Kali cries. She says disdain has made you so terrible, you won’t escape with this. Leela snickers. She says I have changed the diversion in only one move, everything will accord to my arrangement. Satya advises everything to Fighter Didi. He says I m not ready to do anything admirably.

Warrior Didi drives him down and says its an aftereffect of your errors. He says unwind, mind your dialect, it was past, I m doing everything to discover Susheel. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you say when everybody charged Susheel for killing Leela, you said to police that Susheel is missing. He says it was pixie to state the truth to police, stop this garbage, we should find her before the police do, its two days now, for what reason aren’t you discovering her.

He says on the grounds that I would prefer not to, I m frightened, on the off chance that I get another call from police to distinguish body, I can’t deal with it, on the off chance that I get her and her wrongdoing is demonstrated, I can’t endure. She says you ought to backpedal home, you aren’t standing firm for her when she needs you the most. He says redress, you have talked what you feel right, figure, I haven’t done anything incorrectly this time. He goes.

Sejal gets a note and peruses. She wears the mic and talks. She gets stunned hearing Leela. Leela asks how are you, what happened, are you frightened, I m alive, I won’t kick the bucket before murdering all of you, sit and drink water. Sejal inquires as to myself. Leela says you are so stupid, you won’t discover camera there. Sejal says I ought to educate this to Satya. Leela says no, you won’t tell. She debilitates Sejal about Susheel. Sejal asks how could you get alive. Leela says you and Kali don’t stay silent, Susheel will lose her life, simply hear me out, remain prepared for Susheel’s memorial service, accomplish something that gives me joy. She tells something. Sejal gets stunned. She goes ground floor and meets Kali.

Kali asks what happened. Sejal slaps Kali. Satya looks on stunned. Kali holds her hand and believes is Leela undermining Sejal. Sejal chastens Satya and goes. Jhanno says there is some sort of fiendishness shadow here. Leela snickers. Sejal cries in her room. Sejal yells I detest you, you are a toxic substance in this house, you have overlooked this is your family, you are completing a major sin. Leela says Susheel has conferred this wrongdoing, every one of you picked Susheel, I will murder her, I m a fallen angel. Sejal provokes her to come in front. Leela debilitates her. She says I will influence Susheel to endure, even all of you will endure.




Leela says get ready lemonade for Kali and include harm in it, else Susheel will pass on. Sejal includes harm. Leela gets stunned when Satya drinks the harmed lemonade.



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