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Ikyawann 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Warrior Didi saying for what reason will Susheel keep running close to Leela’s home, the police headquarters was close, for what reason would she do this. The woman asks is there an indirect access in their home. Warrior Didi says yes, she would have keep running from indirect access. The woman asks who, Leela is dead and Susheel is missing. Warrior Didi says if its Satya at the entryway, disclose to him I m not at home. The woman gets a letter for Susheel and says its from sports league. Warrior Didi checks it. Satya comes to Sejal and inquires as to for what reason did you do that with mum, reveal to me what happened.

Leela requests that her chasten Satya. Sejal talks inconsiderately. She says I instructed a lesson to Leela, at that point in what capacity will Kali restrict me. Satya says she is my mum. She says she was debilitating to consume herself, hogwash, abandon, you don’t have to help her. She close entryway

what’s more, cries. Leela looks on. Satya listens to Susheel’s voice and keeps running of the house. Contender Didi comes there. She says Susheel is expelled from the wrestling sports, individuals will know her as a killer now. He inquires as to for what reason isn’t she turning out, she knows her profession will end, she couldn’t care less for you, she has won as a result of you, she can disclose to you reality, I won’t attempt now.

She says I won’t quit discovering her. She goes. Leela requests that Sejal go to kitchen and set up a lemonade for Kali, you will include harm it, I have an extraordinary thought. Sejal gets stunned. She cries. Leela undermines and sends her. Sejal makes the lemonade. Leela educates her to include the toxic substance. She takes the glass for Kali. She requests that Jhanno offer it to Kali.

Leela screens Sejal. Sejal leaves and watches Kali. Jhanno gives the lemonade to Kali. Leela says there is no toxic substance, however something unique, Kali will drink it and cry, her throat will consume, at that point they will detest Sejal more. Sejal gets defenseless and appeals to God for Kali. Kali takes the glass. She gets a call. She goes to call and goes, leaving the glass on table. Sejal gets calmed.

Satya comes there and takes the glass to drink the lemon juice. Leela gets stunned and yells to spare Satya. Kali and Sejal find out about Satya. They hurry to stop him. Jhanno runs and slams into Satya. The juice falls. Satya keeps the glass and asks what did you do, you would have harmed. Jhanno says I will make it once more. He says let it be and goes. Sejal goes to room.

Leela chastens her. Sejal says in the event that you endeavor to hurt Kali or Susheel, I won’t abandon you. Jhanno comes and inquiries her. Sejal says I was conversing with my companion. Jhanno says I m not a trick. She asks what did you include lemonade. Leela says how did this Jhanno know it. Sejal admonishes Jhanno and requests that her tend to her very own concerns. She gives her a notice. Jhanno cries and goes. Leela requests that Sejal continue doing this in the event that she needs to see Susheel alive.

Sejal says you have a modest mentality. Leela says if Satya faces any inconvenience, at that point I will record a video of Susheel and send you, this is only the start. She sees Satya composing something. She sends Kali to check. Kali checks the papers and peruses Susheel sports complex. Satya asks what’s happening with you. She says I was simply tidying up, its my obligation. Satya asks is it, you are lying, you were checking the papers, I know the reason. Leela stresses.




Satya gets Susheel’s saree and a note. He wears the headphone. He hears Leela’s voice and gets stunned.


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