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Ikyawann 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Satya saying Leela has dozed, its opportunity to utilize a similar arrangement against her. Kali asks Sejal what is she considering. Sejal says by what means can Leela do this. Kali says I wish to see Satya, how is he overseeing. Sejal requests that him not stress, Satya is solid like Susheel. She comforts Kali.

Kali cries and tells about little Satya. Sejal hears Leela’s wheezes on the speakers. She says I have a thought, I will go and see Satya. She leaves the room and searches for Satya. Satya turns off the power. Sejal thinks how did this happen.

Kali says how did lights do off, I will check. Satya meets Sejal. Leela awakens and sees the dark screen. She asks what happened. Satya says lights went off, the combine has blown. Sejal requests that he settle the wire. He requests that they remain in rooms, else they can get hurt. He messages

furthermore, demonstrates his arrangement to Sejal and Kali. They sign him to go. Leela asks where are you, what are you doing Satya. Satya hurries to meet Fighter Didi. Satya says I m here itself. Sejal says I m at home. She sings Mai kya Karun….

Warrior Didi reviews Leela’s words. She says why are regardless they treating me along these lines, Satya agrees with Susheel’s position and after that documents grumbling against her, what are they avoiding me, I will without a doubt discover. Sejal requests that Satya check red spouse. Kali requests that he wear shoes. He says yes, switch it on now and check, remain away, give me two mins. He slams into somebody. Leela asks what’s this sound. Sejal and Kali oversee and lie. Contender Didi cruises by. Satya doesn’t see her. He goes to her home and gets some information about Fighter Didi. The woman says she went to your home.

He supposes to stop her. He runs. Leela asks where is Satya, influence me to converse with him, what’s going on with you. Contender Didi comes. They signed her to be tranquil. Kali requests that Leela pause, Satya is settling the circuit, don’t stress. Kali and Sejal demonstrate the headphones to Fighter Didi and tells about Leela seeing them by cameras and hearing them. Leela says you remember everything, don’t act keen.

Sejal says we as a whole know whether we endeavour to do anything, you won’t leave Susheel, Satya makes it quick. Satya comes and says I m doing it. They request that Fighter Didi go. Satya switches on the lights. Leela asks what is she doing here. They see Fighter Didi gone. Leela gets some information about Jhanno. She chides Jhanno. Satya thinks its great Leela didn’t see Fighter Didi. Leela requests that they go to rooms. Leela says Satya you can likewise go to your room and rest, I cherish you a great deal, in the event that you demonstration shrewd, I won’t abandon you. She asks who had come, why is entryway open.

Kali says you requested that Satya remain outside, he came in to settle the wire. Sejal says its presence of mind, don’t you comprehend this, now you will request that I be calm, I would prefer not to converse with anybody now. Satya closes the entryway. He sees Fighter Didi out. Leela goes to Susheel and says I encourage you to talk less, else it will be extreme for troublesome. Susheel cries. Sejal says I m too bad.

Contender Didi says I misjudged Satya and his family, they are stuck in an unfortunate situation, Leela is alive, Susheel is hostage, Leela is extorting them, they don’t know where is Leela concealing, police can’t do anything, Leela has gone distraught, she can hurt Susheel whenever we can’t go for broke. She says Leela is sharp, we need to discover Leela, we can spare Susheel. She says perhaps I know how to bring her out in open.




Warrior Didi introduces a tracker and sends the document to Leela. Leela infuses Susheel.


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