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Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Leela gets back home and reveals to Satya that she has murdered Susheel to render retribution for Kiran’s franticness. She reveals to Satya that she has destroyed Susheel and her family. Kali and Sejal request that Leela surrender to police and stop her franticness. Sejal’s alerts influence Leela to chuckle out.

Leela asks them how might they anticipate that her will save their lives. Leela reveals to them that she has Sarthi hostage. She requests that the family play an existence and demise diversion with her. She requests them to shoot at each other and see who survives. She guarantees to save their lives on the off chance that they satisfy her charges.

Leela places them in a perilous circumstance once more. Leela gets falling in their eyes once more. Satya second thoughts to regard Leela previously. He sees her pitiless side. He requests that Kali not hurt herself. Satya discloses to Leela that he will shoot himself.

Leela requests that him not end his life. She requests that Satya slaughter Sarthi. Susheel wants to return home to spare her family. Susheel returns to the family and spares Sarthi. Leela reveals to them that she has done everything to overcome Susheel, who had fled from her grip. She requests that them not believe that she will lose so soon. She makes Susheel defenceless to turn out.

Susheel discloses to Leela that she will get her rebuffed today, she will get her captured. Susheel, Mehul and Sarthi clarify their arrangement and catch Leela. Leela gets at gunpoint. Leela misses out to Susheel. Susheel uncovers how she has laid the trap for pompous and cunning Leela to get captured. Susheel routs Leela.

Leela gets a tremendous stun when her exhaustive arranging comes up short. Susheel chastens Leela for executing her mom and other ladies in the family. She needs Leela to pay for her violations. Susheel gets Leela captured. Susheel joins with her family. She makes everybody pleased with her.

Susheel’s family discovers that Leela has executed their family ladies. Dada Ji laments for pointing the finger at Susheel unfortunate till now. He believes he has been off-base to accept Leela as an honourable woman. Susheel discloses to Dada Ji that she needs to complete a great deal for them. She needs to get equity for her family.

Satya solicits Leela to get out from the house. Satya apologizes to Susheel for all his idiocy. Both the families clear their disparities after Leela’s taking off. Kali requests that Susheel excuse Satya, as he was truly wishing bravo. Kali requests that Susheel not go out. Satya wants to propose Susheel and wed her once more. Satya and Susheel’s association will be seen.

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