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Ikyawann 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ikyawann 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Satya offers the lift to Susheel. She doesn’t believe him. He disguises her personality and drops her to Sarthi/Fighter Didi’s home. Susheel returns to the point from where she began. She expresses gratitude toward Sarthi for supporting her trip. She discloses to her that she needs to get equity for herself and her family. She didn’t envision she will avoid everybody, as a result of Leela. Sarthi discloses to Susheel that soon everything will get fine. She clarifies Susheel that Satya has helped them a ton. Susheel discloses to her that Satya has conned her, surrendered her by offending her for everything. She wouldn’t like to endure off-base. Sarthi discloses to her that Satya was incited to go in a wrong bearing by Leela and Soumya, however, he has understood his slip-up and corrected himself.

Susheel doesn’t get persuaded that Satya has changed. Sarthi discloses to her that Satya was getting ready to propose her on the last match day, he has extremely changed. Susheel wants to demolish Leela’s tranquillity. She utilizes Leela’s check card to arrange a cake. She sends the ball home. Leela needs to demonstrate that Susheel is alive. Susheel begins playing diversions with Leela to demonstrate her frantic. Leela neglects to deliver prove before the family. She reveals to Kali that Susheel is purposely harming her. Susheel focuses at the forefront of Leela’s thoughts.

Sarthi reveals to Susheel that Satya is being with Leela, however supporting them. She approaches Susheel to pardon Satya for the past slip-ups. Susheel discloses to her that they would have overseen things without Satya’s assistance as well. Leela reveals to Satya that Susheel has stolen her check card and shopped as well. Satya reveals to Leela that Susheel didn’t take the card. Sejal feels Leela is truly losing it.

Satya demonstrates the card from Leela’s sack. He requests that she overlook Susheel, who is gone at this point. Leela gets more pained by Susheel, who takes a camouflage to achieve near her. Satya meets Susheel. He requests that her not go to meet her family. Susheel doesn’t accept his recommendation or help. Satya trusts Leela acknowledges the violations. He needs to accumulate prove and get Leela rebuffed.

Sarthi inquires as to whether he can conflict with Leela. He discloses to her that he can effectively do right. He understands his mix-ups. He feels terrible that he never esteemed his mum by aimlessly following Leela. He imparts his feelings to Sarthi. He needs to set everything fine. Susheel visits her home and discovers her father in agony of losing her. She feels vulnerable that she can’t meet him. She needs to render her retribution from Leela. She shouts out her torment to Sarthi, that Leela has made her far from her family. Leela plays keen and plans a trap to uncover Susheel’s survival. She welcomes Susheel’s father home for directing Susheel’s sympathy petition. Susheel gets incited by Leela’s demonstration.




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