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Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Virat says see Tara. The last piece of Arohi’s family is dead as well. Arohi takes a gander at Niku’s body. She is stunned. Arohi shouts and tumbles down. She faints. Arohi is in her bed. She longs for Niku being murdered. Arohi says it was a fantasy. I trust he is fine. I need to discover him. Chawani video calls Arohi. He says it is astounding for you. Niku goes ahead screen and talks… He says how are you? Arohi is in tears. She says niku? Would you be able to talk? Chawani says he will be familiar soon.

Niku says did you search for mom? I miss you and mother. Kindly return. Arohi says I am returning soon. Chawani says profound must think about his mother. If you don’t mind return here soon. We are running from here. Arohi connects to USB. Profound is playing with Niku in it. He plays and converses with Niku. Arohi smiles. Deep was thoughtful and decent to him. Arohi says I am sad Deep. I got the opportunity to off-base. I ought to have not done this to you but rather Niku. Express gratitude toward God he is talking now.

I need to discover them. Arohi runs downstairs. Virat says to Roma they can’t discover him. Niku’s dead body is covered up. Arohi is entranced. Arohi covers up. She comes to Dilip and says they murdered Niku. How might they be able to? She shouts. Arohi says I couldn’t see profound. I don’t recognize what to live for when Niku is dead as well. Dilip focuses on Deep’s photo. Arohi says Deep isn’t here with us any longer.

Arohi appeals to God for Deep’s tranquillity. She petitions God for Niku as well. Arohi wears a white sari. She comes to Roma. Roma says the end result for you? Arohi says profound was my significant other. I ought to be dismal on his demise. I am petitioning God for niku as well. Virat says are you insane. Arohi says profound didn’t need him to be slaughtered yet you are a mammoth. Virat says what are you at that point? Roma says if profound was alive you would have been in prison. He spared Arohi inevitably. Tara says he spared me as well. Roma says he was childish. I gave him everything except for he kept Arohi alive. Virat says he was a manikin.

Arohi says he was a spouse and I adored him. she clears out. Arohi goes to her room and sees the siddur. She reviews her marriage with deep. Arohi says I couldn’t see the reality behind you. she is in tears. Arohi says I am sad profound. Sindur falls. Arohi sees a tile loose on the floor. she takes it out and sees her photographs with the profound. Profound has concealed them there. Her tissue is there as well. Arohi says I knew you would guard it. She is in tears. Arohi peruses a letter. Profound composed I am so vulnerable Arohi. I never needed to trap. I know you won’t accept however that is a truth. I am so unfortunate. I had intimate romance yet I couldn’t spare her.

In the wake of sending you to imprison, I understood what I lost. I don’t know whether live will allow me to apologize you. I am your delinquent. the first occasion when you saw me I was an indistinguishable individual from you saw me. There was nothing lie. I was dead without you. You gave me adore and believed me. I neglected to ensure you. I don’t merit you. In any case, I guarantee I will dependably deal with Niku.

Arohi is in tears. Profound comes and says Arohi come here… she runs and embraces her. She understands she was simply envisioning it. She sees profound all around and pursues him. Arohi shouts profound…Roma says he is dead. Arohi says he is alive in my heart. Roma says I will consume everything identified with him. Virat brings his stuff. Arohi says no please don’t do this. Please don’t consume things identified with him. Virat consumes them. Arohi shouts no… She chooses things from the fire. She says profound I can’t reveal to you I truly adore you. Roma says she will overlook him soon. A man comes in. He has profound’s photo all over. Arohi is dazed. It’s profound. Arohi is stunned.




Everyone is stunned. ARohi embraces profound. He pushes her and says the injury hasn’t ended yet.


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