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Ishq Subhan Allah 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishq Subhan Allah 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kabir asks Imran what joke is this? you called us here by lying. Imran says pause, meet the individual whose arrangement it was. Kabir and Zara looks on. Kabir frowns at Zara, Zara says it was not my arrangement, don’t gaze at me, Reema called me. Reema plays sound message of Ayesha which says that Imran and Reema you are decent companions of Kabir and Zara, I have seen that this couple have some hole like there was in beginning of their marriage and mother’s heart harms at that, I need you individuals to help them to clear that hole between them. Imran says to Kabir that you know mother’s position.

she has paradise under feet and you are harming her? Reema says to Zara that you said Ayesha resembles mother for you, you individuals ought not hurt her, overlook your issues and proceed onward. Imran says yes overlook whatever happened, Reema says end up one once more, she asks Kabir he can grin on the off chance that he needs. Zara and Kabir grins, they take a gander at each other smiling. Kabir and Zara are in auto.

Zara asks what he is considering? Kabir says Ayesha looks after us to such an extent. Zara says moms are that way. Kabir says yes however you wound up like Ayesha mother then there wouldn’t have been an issue. Zara says you men can never comprehend ladies, the day Ayesha mother instructs me to end up like her, I would do that. Zara and Kabir get back home as one, Zara puts her turn in his arm. Ruksaar comes there and sees it. Kabir pulls her closer, Zara whispers Kabir, he says nobody is here.

Ruksaar comes there with desserts, Zara approaches what for? Ruksaar says Kabir’s task date is settled, they look on. Kabir says my task? Ruksaar says I found a decent financial specialist for your venture and he is prepared to contribute cash with no condition. Zara looks on. Kabir moves from Zara and is elated. Ruksaar smiles and says this financial specialist is my companion Nilofar’s cousin.

Zara says however you didn’t know anything about Kabir’s task then how? Kabir says yes you didn’t know anything about it? Ruksaar says the extent that I knew, it was sufficient, she says to Kabir that you have met with him at 6 PM, go converse with him. Kabir expresses gratitude toward her lavishly and takes off. Zara asks Ruksaar what new show is this? Ruksaar says I am chipping away at your significant other’s undertaking and you think its dramatization? Zara says I know extremely well on which venture you are dealing with. Ruksaar says in the event that you know at that point stop it. Zara frowns at her. Ruksaar clears out.

Zara is strained and says I need to stop Kabir at any rate, she reviews Ruksaar’s words about a financial specialist. Zara calls Reema and says take Imran on a telephone call, Reema does. Zara says to them that hear me out painstakingly, I am in a bad position, I require your help, Reema says beyond any doubt, Zara says Ruksaar is catching Kabir with some financial specialist, Kabir will meet him at 6 PM, I need you both to stop him. Reema and Imran say don’t stress, we will stop him, Zara closes call and reviews how Kabir requesting that she stay from his venture, he won’t bear it any longer. She says I am not doing anything incorrectly? I am not ceasing Kabir’s undertaking but rather sparing it from Ruksaar, don’t recognize what she is up to.

Zara comes to Kabir who is occupied in perusing documents. Zara says, Kabir? he asks what was the deal? Zara says she isn’t a pleasant young lady… Ruksaar. Kabir says why? since she doesn’t need to work outside? or on the other hand, she needs to deal with her better half’s home? which thing did you discover annoying? Zara says you and your undertaking is essential for me, think before you do anything. Kabir says a couple connection doesn’t have danger from any other individual, however, their own considerations. He leaves from that point. Zara believes Ruksaar’s toxic substance has begun chipping away at my Kabir yet I won’t give her a chance to succeed, despite everything I have two hours.

Kabir comes to Ayesha who is occupied in readiness. Zara comes there. Ayesha says you and me need to go to Hamdan’s home for a custom, I will go to Dargha as well. Kabir says you know I don’t go to Dargha, you can run with a driver, Ayesha says he isn’t here, Kabir says where are Kashan and Shahbaz? Ayesha says they are both occupied. Kabir takes a gander at a time. Zara says let him be, me and you can go. Ayesha says I have work to do and go to visitor’s home as well, it will require some investment. Kabir says don’t stress, I will call Imran, he will take you there, he takes off. Ayesha says now I need to sit tight for Imran. Zara messages Imran and reviews how Ruksaar said they have met at 6 PM.

Ruksaar is going out yet Zara comes in front of her, Ruksaar says in the event that you need your significant other to succeed at that point would I be able to take him? Zara says you are indecent, I requesting that you avoid our room. Ruksaar says a couple are not together right at this point. Zara sees Kabir coming there. Ruksaar and Zara grin at him, he takes a gander at them.

Zara approaches him and says I supplicate that you get an achievement and stay safe from abhorrent. Kabir says favour. Ruksaar and Kabir leave. Ruksaar and Kabir come outside a place of meeting. Kabir requests that Ruksaar hold up inside while he will stop his auto. Kabir gets Imran’s call and is stunned to hear something? he says I am coming there, he clears out. Ruksaar sees him leaving and says, Kabir? An auto stops in front of Ruksaar. A person leaves auto and welcomes Ruksaar, he asks where is Kabir? she says he is coming.

Kabir comes to healing centre, Zara and Imran are there. Ayesha is lying on a bed. Kabir asks the end result for her? Imran says she blacked out in Dargha yet for what reason do you give it a second thought? you are occupied in your work, Kabir says I am sad, I was in a gathering. Ayesha says I am fine, Imran says I got so stressed for her, Kabir embraces him and expresses gratitude toward him, he says you are my sibling, he says sorry to learn and embraces her. Ayesha grins at Zara. Zara reviews flashback how she and Imran met Ayesha, Zara said to her that simply take after her, Ayesha asked what was the deal? Zara said that simply surmise that Kabir is meeting a man whom he shouldn’t meet and we need to stop him. Flashback closes. Zara smiles.




Ruksaar offers cash to a poor person and requests that he ask that she gets her adoration. Zara comes there and pays a homeless person, she requests that he implore that nobody tries to grab spouse from a wife else they are cursed. She says to Ruksaar that don’t endeavour to challenge a wedded lady over her significant other. Ruksaar says you had a little win in this diversion, don’t be excessively glad. Zara says this isn’t an amusement for me yet life and my better half issues to me the most.

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