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Ishq Subhan Allah 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishq Subhan Allah 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Zara winks at Ruksar as she enters home. All are. concerned about Aisha’s ailment. Zeenat and Kabir are overly concerned. Zara winks Ruksar over her triumph of making tracks in an opposite direction from Ruksar … Ruksar is irate.Zara is frustrated as. Kabir gives money of 2000/ – to Ruku rather than her for Nazar Utarna. Ruksar goes to a Baba and gives him the cash … and looks for favours that she would get what she wanted. Baba favours her that. Zara arrives and gives another 2000/ – to Baba Ji and looks for gifts that who so at any point take a gander at her Shohar ought to get crushed. Baba bleases her that.

Zara ruksar have confrontationzara exhorts her not be after Kabir or she will meet thrashing each time simply like thistime. Ruku insults not to brag more than one triumph.this is only the start of the amusementZara answers this is an amusement for Ruku however for her Kabir was hr life . Kabir guarantees his maa how he could never disregard her . Aisha requests that he be great shohar and keep Zara glad . Zara is.dressed.as.a.bride n is perched on the bed

Kabir is.surprised.to.see her dressed along these lines asks her what was this their Shaadi ki Raat was over long back. Zara says they should. now join as Biwi Shohar in an evident sense. Kabir imagines that the young lady sitting on the bed was his biwi and she had Haq over her shohar. Zara guides at Kabir ..kabor draws nearer and Zara embraces him firmlySentimental BG tune plays as Zamir are devoured by their interests

Next.morning Zara wakes. up yet is still in her fantasy land of the past sentimental nightShe dribbles at shirtless Kabir she embraces him yet she is astounded as he pushes her awayShe offers to enable him to put on his kurta ..however, he decays her offerShe embraces him once more ..he says the night was. over .she should wake up now . Zara says the night was finished however not their adorationKabir says he did not.want to confer sin by denying his.biwi’s haqHe would rather .kick the bucket than.sin.Requests that Zara satisfy her obligations excessively … as BiwiKabir.reminds the conditions of their marriage and how he would satisfy every one of his obligations. Zara is heart broken

She supposes she was lost.in her adoration for Kabir yet he was all the time just doing his obligations ??Where will her adoration go ?? She guarantees herself her adoration would clearly discover a way .Next.scene indicates Kabir talking about his.project with Ruksar . Zara is disapoi tedRuksar energetically surges off to welcome hwr school. friend and speculator . Kabit insults Zara that she was Namehram for the visitorShe could do pardah on the off chance that she wishedZara feels.angered by his insultAs Ruksar respects her companion … she does the troductions .. Miraj Ali

Kabir is astonished as Miraj accompanies various gifts. for Kabir .. he says this was only for the upcom ing rozaKabir and. Miraj energetically .zara looks as he consents to fund his undertakingZara watcues from gallery and miracles for what reason did this person appear to be so recognizable ?? Zara finds the person has an uncanny similarity to ShirajShe begins having questions if Ruksar was still in connectio with Shiraj




Miraj is talking via telephone requesting cash exchange from. Kashmir record to this place ASAPZara is keeping an eye on him in burquaShe over hears n ponders what was this kashmir association ??Was Ruksar back to her same course of action again ??


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