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Ishqbaaz 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Omru discuss cricket and go. Gauri goes to Lord. Anika comes and says listen Chutki… the end result for you. Gauri asks what did you say. Anika says I called you Chutki. Gauri says I felt happy. Anika says you will dependably be Chutki for me, Sahil’s school is beginning, I need to purchase books, will you accompany me. Gauri says for what reason not, he is my sibling as well, in the event that he ponders in a major school, I will feel like I examined there. They hear Shivaye. Bhavya asks what happened. Everybody surges and asks what happened.

Shivaay says I have come up short on the drugs. They get stunned. Somebody comes there. Khanna asks who are you, how could you come in. She jumps in the manor. Om says specialist isn’t replying. He calls once more. Anika nourishes water to Shivaay. Om says advise the specialist to call me, its a crisis, my name… Omkara. Khanna asks who are you. The woman requests that he see the end result for him.

Khanna says Shivaay Sir…… The woman asks the end result for Devyaani. Om says I m informing the specialist. Bhavya says we should take him to healing center. The woman says pause, demonstrate to me where is the kitchen. Bhavya says that way. Anika requests that Gauri take the woman. Om requests that the specialist come quick. The woman makes some kada in the kitchen. Gauri causes her.

Shivaye declines to drink it. The woman requests that him not be resolved. She nourishes him. Om asks who are you. Rudra says we don’t have any acquaintance with you. Khanna says she coercively got in. Om requests that her answer. Shivaye hacks. Rudra says you constrained him to drink the Kada. Om and everybody stress. Shivaay says I m feeling alright. Om asks are you fine.

Shivaye says yes, much appreciated, however,r you…. who are you? The woman reviews Gauri’s words and says I m your Dadi’s companion. Khanna asks which Dadi. She asks what number of Dadi do you have. She lies and says I didn’t advise her in regards to my coming, I know your Dadi went to the ashram. Shivaye requests that Rudra illuminate Dadi that her companion has come. The woman says no, she has gone to Satsang, given her a chance to be there, I will go. Anika says pause, she will come. Om says Dadi will feel terrible. Shivaye says call Dadi and discloses to her that her companion will be here. The woman says her name as Devyaani. Rudra says Dadi isn’t replying. Khanna says we ought to affirm this.

Devyaani says fine I will go. Shivaay says he is security in charge, it’s his work, Khanna says too bad. Khanna says too bad. Devyaani requests that subject call her Devyaani Nani. Anika requests Kada formula. Devyaani says its a marvel cure, I will show you everything. Anika takes her and demonstrates the room. Khanna spies. Anika says let me know whether you require anything. Devyaani says beyond any doubt, your bangles are wonderful, what amount does this cost.

Anika says Shivaay talented this to me, I don’t have the foggiest idea about its value, I will send tea for you. Anika goes. Devyaani sees the things in the room and grins. Khanna looks on. She sees him and chastens. He says I came to offer assistance. She says I don’t need anything. She closes the entryway. He says there is something fishy, I have to discover.

Bhavya asks Rudra what happened. He says my eyes are harming a great deal, I don’t know why to get me some cotton. She says its advanced eye strain without a doubt, too bad I will get it. He requests his goggles. Anika and Gauri like the dish. Devyaani gives them tips and cooks. Bhavya comes and asks what did you make. Anika says Nani made this, we just learnt it. Bhavya says you ought to have called me. Anika says you aren’t with us nowadays. Anika and Gauri go to influence mango to pickle.

Bhavya supposes I m dependably with you, you both remain occupied with each other and don’t see me. Devyaani asks what happened. Bhavya says nothing, I came to take icy water, Rudra’s eyes are consuming, he utilizes mobiles and PCs throughout the night, it will influence his eyes, he has filled the stay with contraptions. Devyaani says I will offer this to him and clarify well. She goes. Gauri says its pixie to have older folks at home. Rudra gets disappointed by torment. Devyaani comes to help.

She says Bhavya said you remain conscious throughout the night. He says I contemplate such a great amount around evening time, I don’t feel drowsy. She says you will feel languid today. She influences him to unwind. She requests that he keep wet cotton on eyes. She takes his telephone and goes grinning. Gauri says we moved so wildly last time. Anika says yes, I had much espresso. They talk and go snickering. Bhavya gets them out. They cruise by.

Devyaani asks are they sisters. Bhavya says yes. Devyaani inquires as to for what reason do you avoid them. Bhavya says no, I allow them to sit unbothered as they met after quite a while. Devyaani says then you fall forlorn, accompany me. She takes Bhavya to them and says Bhavya needs to state something. Bhavya says nothing. Devyaani says Bhavya feels forlorn as you both simply converse with each other. Anika asks Bhavya do you truly think so.

Bhavya says I m upbeat in your satisfaction, I can’t approach you, dreading you may feel …… She says getting clingy, hear me out, you are more similar to a sister for us. Gauri says yes, on the off chance that you feel terrible about anything, pardon us. Anika says absolutely never believe that Gauri is more demon than you, you both are equivalent to me. Gauri says you know we needed a younger sibling in adolescence. Anika says we needed to name her Gudiya. Gauri says Lord has given us a sister. They embrace. Devyaani says the family where bahus live like a sister, there are much thriving and satisfaction, come we will have desserts.

Devyaani says I used to come here to meet Kalyani, we used to escape and have Chinese at slow down, everybody is gutsy at a youthful age, did you have Chinese there. Anika gazes at Shivaay and signs no. Devyaani asks where do you go to have Chinese. Rudra says Shivaye goes to China to have Chinese. Shivaay says I go China for business. Rudra asks what are you saying, I thought you go there to have Chinese sustenance. Shivaay says overlook all that, reveal to me how are your eyes.

Rudra says better. Shivaay says I don’t care for slick sustenance. Anika says you don’t care for road sustenance. Devyaani inquires as to why didn’t you have it till now, one ought to surely know things before making a sentiment. Rudra says I couldn’t discover my telephone, Bhavya I know you got it. Bhavya says I didn’t take it. They contend. Rudra says I didn’t lose the telephone, just Bhavya and Nani were there at the pool territory. Devyaani says yes, I saw it when I ran with the cool water and cotton.

Rudra says I have delicate information, imagine a scenario in which my record gets hacked. Shivaay asks ledger. Rudra says online networking account. Khanna says imagine a scenario in which anybody has stolen it. Rudra asks who can take it at home. Khanna says we will search for it and know.




Khanna says she has stolen the devices, I have recorded everything. Shivaay gets stunned seeing the video. Devyaani stresses.


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