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Ishqbaaz 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Shivaay chastens Khanna when the last points the finger at Devyaani for taking Rudra’s gadgets. Shivaay gets furious when the elderly woman is faulted. He apologizes to her and furthermore influences Khanna to apologize. Devyani reveals to them that she has made the desserts for them. She appreciates the family time with them. Rudra gets more drawn in with his contraptions. Devyani takes away the contraptions from them.

At the point when Dadi calls Shivay, Devyani fears that her reality would turn out. She gets spared as Shivaay neglects to converse with Dadi. She reveals to them that she visits numerous places of her companions and becomes more acquainted with numerous things. Rudra gets some information about his devices.

Khanna discloses to them that Devyaani has stolen the devices and this time he has a proof as well. Rudra comprehends somebody has stolen the contraptions to bring down his eye strain. Khanna feels sorry to learn Devyani once more. He discloses to them that he has a video which will clear their questions. Devyaani stresses when the video gets seen. Khanna discloses to them that Devyani is acting fishy.

Devyaani at that point illuminates that she was doing this to assuage Rudra from eye strain. Shivay and Bhavya get appreciative to her. Shivay influences Khanna to apologize to Devyaani once more. He doesn’t need anybody to charge her over and over. Anika and Shivay discuss Devyaani. Shivay gets a present for Devyaani, who gets enthusiastic seeing their adoration. Shivay needs to pay regard to her.

She fears that her reality will be out once Dadi returns home. Shivay solaces Devyaani’s remain. She has a craving for losing her satisfaction once more. The family reveals to her that Dadi is returning home. Devyaani supposes she will be uncovered soon. The family doesn’t release her. They amaze her by getting Dadi. Khanna discovers Devyaani leaving in a rush. He doesn’t release her. He takes her home to make her face Dadi.

Dadi gets some answers concerning the companion who is remaining with the family. Dadi declines to know anything about them. Shivay demonstrates Devyaani’s photo to Dadi. Dadi doesn’t recognize her. The family at that point discovers that Devyaani has fled.

Khanna discloses to them that she had something important to her. Shivay can’t trust it that she had accompanied an expectation to take at home. He doesn’t realize that she had come to accumulate love from their souls throughout her life. They talk about why she misled them and remained with them for long.

Khanna reveals to them Devyani has been observing every one of the assets at home. Shivaay at that point finds that Devyaani isn’t a criminal. The family checks every one of the things and find everything in class. Shivaay gets a passionate note from Devyaani and finds the reality of a defenceless surrendered mother. He chooses to educate a lesson to Devyani’s child.




Devyani’s Son and Daughter in law Fake Cry before Oberoi Family Anika and Shivaay ask why Nani isn’t Saying anything to them. Nani instructs them to Leave But Shivaay Bursts Out his outrage that Nani Saved You else I will Show Your actual face in front of Media.


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