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Jiji Maa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Jiji Maa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Falguni sitting miserably. Niyati comes to meet her. She demonstrates the video she made. Falguni grins. Niyati says you used to make anything when we had no assets. Falguni says I feel pleased with you. Niyati says possibly Uttara will detest this and prevent me from making recordings. Falguni requests that Niyati utilize their phoney disdain to trick Uttara.

They grin. At home, Niyati chooses to make another video. Uttara stops her. Niyati says you are talking like Falguni, I detest her, she generally controlled me, she didn’t give me a chance to make recordings, you have given me freedom and showed me style, I m doing this for you, you are likewise ceasing me like Falguni.Uttara says no, you will make recordings, nobody will stop you, I will see who stops you, I m glad for you, you are present day and autonomous like me, simply deal with Vidhaan’s

picture, he shouldn’t look stupid. Niyati says I will request that he look genuine. Uttara gets Shom’s call and says I don’t have a clue about any Punja, Teja’s sibling… what did he do? Naren asks Punja what will they do to acquire and oversee, how could he rule against Uttara, didn’t he get frightened. Punja says Lazer is correct, we shouldn’t remain terrified. Naren says what will Balwant do, I m terrified. Vidhaan says I know why you are at home today, so you don’t confront Falguni, I have seen you with Falguni. Suyash says yes, this isn’t a major city, I would prefer not to see her, my injury is still new, we require time to overlook each other.

Shom and Uttara have a discussion about the specialists strike. She says this can turn into a major fire which can consume the wilderness. He says our organization is of materials, how did wilderness come in the middle. She says Punja restricted us today, perhaps everybody does likewise, it won’t be great, I will stop this. Punja’s choice gets bolstered by a few labourers. Falguni looks on.

Uttara, Shom and Balwant come there with their men. She meets Punja. She inquires as to why how is he leaving the activity. She says you have kept yourself sold to Rawat industry when you accepted the position. She reminds him. Shom gives the lawful papers. Shom says you can simply work for Rawat industry.

Punja says I don’t recall any such paper. She says you have consented to this arrangement, its legitimate papers. She yells at others for meddling in the middle. Naren says I don’t comprehend what’s composed in it, reconsider about your choice and work with them.

Uttara says Naren is sensible, simply hear him out. Falguni requests that Punja not leave the activity, as Uttara has come to stay with him in her, he is an extraordinary craftsman. She takes Punja’s signature. He says what are you kidding, I don’t know to sign, I m unskilled. Uttara gets stunned. Falguni says yes, Punja is ignorant however Uttara is educated, by what means can Punja sign on papers, I can send her to prison for this swindle.

Uttara requests that her show papers once. She checks. Shom says we are caught. Uttara slaps Shom and puts the fault on him. She influences him to apologize. She takes off. Naren says you have remained against Uttara, she won’t stay silent. Falguni says Punja isn’t the only one. Everybody bolsters Punja. Falguni grins.




Uttara says you know I need to deal with this town improvement. She answers the media. Falguni looks on.


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