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Jiji Maa 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Jiji Maa 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Uttara reprimanding Shom. She says I didn’t slap Balwant, with the goal that villagers remain terrified of Balwant, I need you to remain frightened of me, so I slapped you, don’t commit this error once more. Shom concurs. Suyash sees Lazer and gets her out. He stops the auto. He says you didn’t hear me out. She chides him for prodding her.

The general population get irate to beat Suyash. She stops him and says I was demonstrating to him that young ladies are protected in the city, dependably help the young ladies in such circumstances. Suyash says you are distraught, I came to return cash, you made this show. She says I will come your home, why are you giving me cash presently, do you think I m a poor person. He says I don’t comprehend you. She says I m Lazer, I will return home to take my right. He goes. She grins.

Niyati asks Falguni does dislike to get some information about her emotions. Falguni’s shoe breaks. Niyati reminds Falguni and Suyash’s initially meet. Zeenat acclaims Falguni’s craft. Niyati gets a thought for making the video. Mangla and her little girls come there to have Kulfi. Mangla sees Niyati with Falguni. She goes near hear them. Balwant meets Uttara and whines about Lazer. She says you possibly not knowing the issue, water tanker will turn into a snare to get Lazer. The shop doesn’t get it.

Balwant says I comprehend it well, yet shouldn’t something be said in my regard. Uttara affronts him and requests that him not overlook her favours. She says once I recover my administer in Ambua, you can do anything at that point. She requests that Balwant meet the media and gain from her. Falguni and Zeenat see Mangla coming. They conceal Niyati from her and trick her in talks.

Shom calls Mangla and says I m running Ambua with Uttara. She inquires as to why are you going Ambua once more. Falguni hears this. She likewise takes off. Suyash gets a call. A man says I discovered Gayatri, I m getting her to you tomorrow.

Uttara achieves the town and informs the media regarding her choice to build up the town. She acts extraordinary and by implication debilitates them about Balwant. She guarantees that there won’t be a water issue in the town. Balwant will ensure that water achieves each home. Everybody applauds and cheers for her. Falguni stresses.




Niyati illuminates Falguni that Gayatri is returning home. Falguni grins and says Suyash will get his mum.


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