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Jiji Maa 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Jiji Maa 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Shom asking Uttara for what reason is she stressing about a little issue. She consumes his hand and clarifies that fire ought to be controlled in time. Teja and Falguni get wishes from everybody. They leave in auto. Balwant tails them and hits the auto. Falguni and Teja meet with mischance.

Suyash is headed and converses with Jayant. He sees the fallen auto and hurries to check. He sees Teja and Lazer inside. He pulls the auto back. He sprinkles water on them. He asks Lazer is she fine, how did the mischance happen. Lazer says somebody has hit the auto. He requests that driver get up. He says we need to take Teja and driver to healing center.

She says no, we need to go to enlistment centre office. He asks is anything demon than life. He takes them to doctor’s facility. She gets terrified of infusion and misleads Suyash. She holds his

hand and takes the infusion. He reviews Falguni. He says you said you aren’t terrified. She says I was pounding a subterranean insect on your hand. He says you are extremely overcome. She says you don’t have to pay me cash now, your support is settled at this point. She gets a call.

Niyati asks what happened, you need to go to recorder office, its officer’s last day, Uttara’s man will join from tomorrow, you have to go to that enlistment centre. Falguni hurries to Teja and says we need to surge. Suyash inquires as to why today, you can go tomorrow.

Uttara says my men are in each office. Balwant jokes and says too bad. Uttara requests that Shom pay cash to Balwant. Falguni and Suyash contend. He requests that she quiets down. She asks did you say quiets down to your better half like this. He says don’t take her name. She says sorry, we villagers say heart out.

He says for what reason will I feel terrible, I have nothing in heart for her. She says your eyes are stating something different. Uttara says its 5 now and enlistment centre has gone home, Lazer and Teja didn’t reach there. She says I know it, I have sent bunches and cash to old and new officers. Shom acclaims her.

Suyash reveals to Lazer that none can prevent them from enrolling. Teja expresses gratitude toward him for help. Suyash says it really is great to begin claim work, don’t leave Rawat materials, I will converse with mother. She says no need, we will see it. He says I will drop you to town. Teja expresses profound gratitude, we will go. Suyash says I will go, I have some work. He goes.

Falguni inquires as to for what reason did you say this to Suyash, just Uttara is the scalawag. Teja inquires as to for what reason did you get some information about his significant other. She says I needed to check whether, despite everything he cherishes Falguni, Suyash is separating, he needs a companion, I can be with him as Lazer. He says I m beyond any doubt, you will do great.

She says we will go to enlistment centre office tomorrow. Its morning, Falguni and Teja meet the new officer and give the archives. Officer says all records aren’t prepared, I m a senior officer. She says, however, the papers are finished. He cautions them and requests that they leave, they can never make an agreeable.




Shambu is at a doctor’s facility. Falguni finds out about him and meets him. She reminds him of Lakhan’s murder.


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