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Kaleerein 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kaleerein 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kaleerein 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Amaya requests that Meera ask Bhai/Vivan to get into an auto. Meera signals him. He gets into auto. In transit, Meera slips on Vivan on speed breaker, however, does not address him. He supposes she ought not to quit conversing with him. Laachi on the opposite side shouts monitor Brar was weakling and cautioned her not to call him, due to individuals like him, the police are faulted, asks Roma for what reason she is looking strained. Roma yells she isn’t strained.

Meera returns home thinking back Vivan raising a hand to hit her. Kise Puchoon… tune… plays out of sight. Vivan stops her and demands her to address him, do whatever she needs, however, converse with him. She doesn’t and tries to leave, however, he stops her and apologizes for his mix-up. She doesn’t and leaves and still, after all that. he furiously breaks vases with his hands and punches on reflecting more than once harming his hand. She stops him and inquires as to whether he has gone frantic.

He stops when she comes in front. She says he committed an error and rectified himself, on the off chance that he had not ceased, she would not have halted to stop him. She investigates his yes and after that expels glass strands from his hand while he keeps taking a gander at her. O Soniye… melody… plays out of sight. She wraps his hand. Vivan requests that but rather help him he isn’t habituated to it, he used to wrap himself. She requests to be noiseless, gets done with dressing investigating his eyes and clears out.

Meera brings turmeric drain for Vivan next. Vivan in rest over and again mumbles sorry Meera converse with me Meera thinks what is going on when they would not like to come nearer, why they are. Vivan gets up toward the beginning of the day and sees Meera mulling over his chest. She awakens and exits apprehensively. Shelter director calls Vivan that Pammi called more than once, yet he didn’t pick the call and left a message to call today.

Biji and Dolly talk sitting in the family room. Biji says she unfit to discover her beloved companion’s number. Amaya hears her and says she will help her and makes her companion book account on PC. Meera strolls down reasoning how to help goonda Singh/Vivan. She sees Amaya helping Daadi discover her companion and acknowledges she can discover Pammi in a companion book. She rushes to Vivan’s room and sees him leaving lavatory wearing towel. She falls on him and their Nok Jhok begins.

She drags him to PC and tries to switch it on shaking it. He shows her to switch it on and asks what she needs. She says Indians discover way themselves. He says she will erase his documents, what she really needs. She says she needs to open companion book account. He shows her to open record and transfers her photographs, asks the reason.

She considers if the entire world is on the companion book, even Pammi will be. She discloses to Vivan that she is exhausted of this marriage, and when he leaves, she needs love marriage and will discover her accomplice on companion’s book. Vivan vapour, however, says continue companion’s book, he will make a call. She considers on the off chance that she can discover Pammi, her work will be simple.




Orphanage chief over telephone advises Roma that Vivan has gone to Gurdwara to meet Pammi. Pammi and Roma see Vivan seeking Pammi.


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