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Kaleerein 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kaleerein 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kaleerein 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Bhootu’s mid-year camp proceeds. Mohini requests that Shona reveal to Vikram that her mom fled with a man. Shona asks him, she won’t state that. Mohini demonstrates her dessert. Shona concurs and cries before Vikram that her mamma fled with somebody. Mohini’s manikin embraces intuitive Anandita and kisses her back.

Mohini indicates Vikram that Anandita is romancing an outsider. Vikram exhaust. Mohini signals manikin to run. Vikram keeps running behind a man. Anandita falls oblivious. Mohini yells on the off chance that she is dead and encourages her water. Vikram keeps running behind manikin and getting him asks who is he, what was he doing with Anandita. Manikin says he is Anandita’s sweetheart and goes wherever she calls him.

Vikram furiously returns and inquires as to whether she thought about Anandita/s issue. She says yes, yet couldn’t talk. Vikram exhaust. Anandita strolls towards Vikram. Vikram slaps her, and she tumbles down. He at that point yells at her that he didn’t know she was so characterless, he will wed Mohini now. Mohini gets exceptionally glad. Vikram at that point goes to Daadi and says he has chosen to wed Mohini. Dadi asks what happened now. He says it is his ultimate choice. Daadi smiles while her malicious companions peep at them covering up.

Summer camp host reports Zaara and Kaaber of Ishq Subhan Allah Serial’s move execution. They enter and move on Ladki Badi Anjani hai… melody… Vikram watches them noiselessly and takes a gander at Anandita. Anandita strolls to Vikram and inquires as to why he needs to wed Mohini advertisement what did she do, he doesn’t appear to be content with his choice. He says he is extremely content with his choice and is leaving from her now. Anandita says when he will return, he will see her dead face. Kabeer and Zaar’s move proceeds. They wind up romancing each other on Kuch Hota Hai..song.

Mohini’s manikins abduct Shona. Pihu watches her and yells for help. Daadi designs with her abhorrent companions to execute Anandita before she returns throughout Vikram’s life and plans to impact summer camp.




Daadi and her malevolent companions intend to shroud Anandita in a gigantic doll and impact it.


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