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Kaleerein 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kaleerein 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kaleerein 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Vivan sitting in his auto visits with his business accomplice. He sees Meera conveying an immense pack exposed footed and gets irate, goes to her and chastens in the event that she can’t do anything straight way, where is she going uncovered footed. Meera says she was feeling hungry, so she ate it applying jam and spread. He chides to be particular.

She says Biji revealed to her desire will be satisfied in the event that she takes flour to gurdwara exposed footed. He says he is leaving soon, at that point she will get her life accomplice. She says yes, she will get her genuine perfect suitor, at that point says she is asking that he meets Pammi Kapoor. He says she will at any rate and recollects halfway house administrator’s call. She requests that he take flour to the gurdwara, she will come strolling. He keeps flour in auto and lifting her keeps her in auto. She says delinquent, for what reason did he do that. He

says let it be. Their Nok Jhok begins. Vivan figures whatever she does, he isn’t concerned, he simply needs to meet Pammi today. He drops Meera outside gurdwara. She requests to come in. He says he doesn’t have faith in God, dorns dupatta on her head and strolls back. Pammi comes to gurdwara, however they both don’t see each other. Meera asks at the gurdwara. Pammi strolls in and supplicates. Meera supplicates that Vivan’s mummy ought to likewise resemble her mummy and not severe. Roma goes to not give her child a chance to loathe her.

Vivan goes to shelter and sits tight for Pammi’s call. Pammi calls. Vivan indignantly talks and asks where he can meet her. She detaches call, however, he hears gurdwara bhajan in the foundation. Meera calls him. He says Pammi is in same gurdwara and requests that she discovered her. Meera looks Pammi, however, does not see her. Roma calls halfway house, and director educates that Pammi had called and Vivan went to meet her in a gurdwara.

Vivan achieves gurdwara and thinks were to discover make a beeline for entering gurdwara. Meera keeps seeking Pammi, however, does not see her. Headscarf tumbles from Pammi’s thali on Vivan. Vivan holds it. Pammi strolls down and seeing Vivan gets strained, however, does not respond and says it is hers. He returns. She requests to wear it. He thanks and tries, yet can’t.

She causes him to wear it and calls him a child. He inquires as to whether she knows him. She says he is Vivan Kapoor, the most qualified lone ranger and business big shot, praises him for his wedding and takes off. Vivan seeing Meera proceeding to seek Pammi and says telephone originated from landline someplace around. He sees landline adjacent and inquires as to whether he saw who called last. He says he can’t see. Vivan irately tries to break landline, however, Meera stops it.

Roma comes to gurdwara shouting if Pammi is here, she will execute her. Pammi goes by and distinguishes her, however, Roma does not. Vivan sees Roma and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to ask. Vivan influences her to hear Pammi’s voice. Roma gets strained. Vivan says her pressure uncovers it is Pammi…




Orphanage chief advises Vivan that Pammi is in office. Vivan achieves office and pulls concealing Pammi saying amusement is finished.


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