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Kaleerein 18th May 2018 Written Update

Kaleerein 18th May 2018 Written Update


Kaleerein 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts with Meera supplicates god to secure her dad and give his issues to her as she can endure anything. Amar curves to pick Meera’s dupatta when a speeding auto heads towards him. He escapes barely, and auto reaches a stopping point. He thanks God and thinks the little girl is a shelter for him, his life is spared in view of Meera. Roma gets the nosebleed and wipes her nose.

Laali inquires as to whether her nosebleed ceased. Roma says it will simply after Vivan quits seeking Pammi. Pammi achieves halfway house wearing burqa. Vivan sits for supper while Meera is caught up with taking a gander at her companions book account. He asks broccoli. She gives squanders. He says he needs broccoli and not desi style browned idli. She passes chillies without seeing them. He crunches chillies. He gets halfway house supervisor’s message that Pammi is in his office, and he takes off.


sits tight for her child and asks supervisor how was the kid looking, on the off chance that he was strained. Chief messages Vivan to pick up the pace and reasons Pammi. He goes out. Roma sends her goons and severely junks him. Vivan spans and Roma flags her goons to take off. Pammi sees goons destroying and get away. Supervisor educates Vivan that Pammi is in his office. Vivan hurries to an office and seeing somebody close window holds material, yet discovers exhaust dupatta.

Pammi comes back to Soni Kudi Academy and thinks back goons destroying chief and considers if Roma sent them. Vivan likewise thinks back episode. Meera energetically looks Pammi Kapoor’s profile on companions book. Nimmi insults her. Vivan’s NOK Jhok begins with her. Vivan at that point gets a call from his associate that Pammi’s call was followed to Soni Kudi Academy.

Pammi contemplates her youngsters and takes a gander at their pics on her PC screen when Vivan enters and thumps entryway. She requests to come later. He thumps entryway once more. She sees Vivan Kapoor and asks why he is here. He says he is looking Pammi Kapoor and she ought to educate on the off chance that she knows her. He has individual work with her and can go to any degree to discover her, says Soni Kudi woman resembles a decent lady, yet she ought not to constrain him to act mischievously with her, he can even purchase Soni Kudi to think about Pammi. Pammi gets passionate recollecting tyke Vivan and supposes he ought not to discover she is his mom Pami Kapoor.

Biji discloses to Dolly that Vivan won’t acknowledge Meera as his better half until the point that he discovers the truth about his mom, so Meera is endeavouring to discover Pammi’s whereabouts. Meera keeps checking her companions book record and discovers Pammi’s record. She messages Pammi and expectations she gives Vivan a chance to meet his mom soon.




Special scene saazishon ka jaal is advanced.


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