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Kasam 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kasam 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Young ladies endeavouring to get nearer to Ranbir. Akki is amazed. Ranbir says I have to go to washroom, and thinks to escape from that point. He requests that Akki handle them. Akki converses with young ladies, yet they disregard him and go to take drinks. Kritika believes Arun’s money related condition is awful and supposes she might do work. She sees a man lurching and encourages him to stand. She understands that he is smashed and runs. Man takes after her. Kritika stows away in Ranbir’s auto to spare herself seeing it opened. Ranbir leaves washroom and thinks to go quick. Young ladies pursue him. Boozer man searches for Kritika. Ranbir runs out and draws close to his auto. He supposes to message Akki and gets weird feeling. Kritika likewise feels a similar thing and supposes somebody is near her. Ranbir sits in auto. Kritika stows away and thinks driver came.

Young ladies come there and is going to kiss him. He moves back, at that point thinks to give them a chance to kiss him. He says he needs to see young ladies cheerful and requests that they kiss on his cheeks. They kiss on his cheeks. Kritika says shoddy. Ranbir asks who are you? Kritika moves a hand from her face. Ranbir and Kritika, both see each other. He inquires as to whether she needs to kiss him. Kritika says you are appropriate for them and requests that he see the young ladies’ appearances. She ventures out. Ranbir requests that young ladies move, and goes behind Kritika. He says he is a modest man and thinks Kritika as his enormous fan. Kritika says I am no one’s fan.

Akki leaves a club. Young ladies attempt to play with him. He says you were after my sibling. Young ladies say he is brutal. Akki requests that them not inform anything incorrectly regarding his sibling. Ranbir still supposes she is his fan and says you are hot, I like you. He says, in fact, you cherish me. Kritika says you are frantic and requests that he get lost. He asks do you truly don’t know my identity? Kritika says I know men like you and conversed with such man previously. Ranbir is going to advise her. Kritika says I am not concerned and requests that him not play with her. Ranbir says Desi young lady’s concern is that they settle down with one man, yet I can’t carry on with my existence with one young lady. Kritika requests that he go home and supposes he is frantic. Ranbir supposes she is an insane fan. They get flashes of a sanctuary and turn towards each other. Ranbir supposes she is haughty. Kritika says how might he believe that I cherish him.

Kritika gets back home reasoning about Ranbir. Jia asks what was the deal? Kritika says she met lunatic and after that tease. Jia requests that her drink sherbet first. Kritika says folks think young ladies as their properties. She supposes she met a person who thought she is his fan. Ranbir tells akki that he met his devoted fan and tells that on the off chance that she would have stayed 2 mins with me, at that point she would have gotten and kissed me. He says thank god, she exited. Akki says I thought you requested that God join him again with her. Kritika says in the event that I see him once more. Pummy and Isha come there. Jia yells seeing Ishani. Pummy says Ishani has connected charcoal face pack to improve his excellence. She inquires as to whether she supposes herself wonderful than Isha. Kritika says no. Pummy requests that she go and rest. Akki gets some information about her name and says you never talked so much in regards to young ladies. Ranbir says I didn’t ask her name, bizarre.


Pummy reproves Kritika and advises her this isn’t her dad’s home. Arun hears them. Pummy requests that Kritika come back to Ludhiana.

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