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Kasam 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kasam 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kritika abandoning her prospective employee meet-up for her family. Ranbir discloses to Akki that the young lady cherishes her a great deal and says uneven love is perilous. Akki requests that he cherish her then it will be two-sided love and finish into marriage. Ranbir says I am not a marriage material and can’t be of one lady. He sees dupatta or stole in a nearby shop and grins.

He goes to the Ms Ghatkoper challenge. Anirudh asks for him to influence his supervisor sweetheart to win in the opposition. Ranbir says age is 55 and heart is of a youngster and says this is tricking, I will go from here. He requests that Akki to converse with him. Anirudh requests that he influence him to get it. Akki says he plays reasonable amusements. He tries to persuade Ranbir, yet he declines at to begin with, yet concedes to his request. He asks where is the support’s young lady companion? He calls the young lady Senorita. She comes and shakes hand with Ranbir.

Ranbir and Akki take a gander at her. Tanuja comes and asks in gathering, from where to get the frame. She remains in line and calls Pummy. Pummy says they will be there in 5 mins and requests that she fills the frame and take a bunch on Ishani’s name. Kritika says alright. Ranbir is holding up in the entryway. Young ladies come and endeavour to play with him.

Kritika sees his blurb and supposes he is here likewise as a central visitor. She sees young ladies discussing him and figures how might they laud him. She comes to converse with his pic and says they are for the most part oblivious in regards to seeing profundity in your eyes. She at that point looks into his eyes and reviews their eye bolt. Kritika’s turn comes and she signs on the shape as Kritika Kohli. She ties it supposing Ishani won’t get section without it. She will make up a room and sees young ladies playing with Ranbir. She supposes how shabby person, he began here moreover. Ranbir sees her and says the irate flying creature is here moreover. He signs her, however, she takes off. Ranbir advises young ladies that he needs to go now.

Kritika thinks this person is bold. Ranbir goes to her and says you are tailing me since night. Kritika solicits what do you think of yourself? Ranbir requests that she acknowledge that she is tailing him. Kritika gets furious. He calls her irate winged creature, Ms Disposition. Kritika says I won’t see you too. Ranbir says you need to meet me, you are my passionate fan and so forth. Kritika says I came here for the opposition else wouldn’t have come. Ranbir says you are tailing me so you can awe me.

Kritika says you are not a boss visitor, but a rather shoddy visitor. He calls her Ishani Kohli and says your concern is that you talk much. Kritika says your concern is that you don’t tune in and says you are free, yet I am busy. Pummy and Ishani are in changing area. Kritika comes and gives her bunch. Pummy requests that she keep cucumber on Ishani’s eyes. Ishani is by all accounts strained and asks her what is the thing as a result of which she will act naturally certain. Kritika says Maa.




Ranbir asks Kritika, what is the connection which they have between them. Kritika takes a gander at him astonished.


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