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Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kritika what is the thing which can make us certain. Kritika says mother’s essence, direction and love is everything. She says I don’t have my mum with me. Ranbir reveals to Akki that Ishani is here, partaking in the challenge. He says she is hot, and excellent young lady of misconception. He says she is wonderful, however frantic.

Akki says then she would have been your young lady companion. Somebody comes and requests that Ranbir go to make up room 5. Ranbir goes to that room. Support’s young lady companion is there and says he needs to make her win, and says lets meet some place after challenge and afterward… Ranbir supposes she is vocal and neighborhood. Kritika takes the make up stuff. Support’s young lady companion reveals to Ranbir that she has a transitory beau, and he can turn into her sweetheart. Ranbir says I know who are

you and what is your past, future and so on. He says I am Ranbir Kapoor and you are not my sort. Kritika, Ishani and Jiah will make up room. Kritika tumbles down, she picks the crate. She requests that they go. She enters the wrong make up room in which Ranbir is with the young lady. She misjudges him. Anirudh comes and says your sweetheart is sitting tight for you. Young lady takes off. Kritika signs Ranbir.

Ishani completes her make up. Pummy tells that she will get free vegetables now. She commends Ishani and says she will move toward becoming Ms Universe. Ranbir requests that Kritika demonstrate. Kritika says right, I have seen. Ranbir says challenge will be won who has magnificence and brains, says all the best Ishani Kohli.

Kritika says it is all your acting and says young lady will win in the event that you prefers her. Ranbir asks what did you see? Kritika says throwing lounge chair. Ranbir says he was not doing anything. He reveals to her that the young lady was supporting’s, sweetheart. Kritika asks what is the confirmation? Ranbir says it appears you are an attorney. She says she is legal counsel. Kritika requests that him not bring down others.

Ranbir says I don’t lie. They take a gander at each other. Somebody comes and calls him. Ranbir requests that she stop and says at whatever point you are close to me, something happens to me and asks your identity to me? Kritika says nothing and says you just like young ladies. He takes a gander at her face while she keeps on talking. Kritika inquires as to whether he gets it. Ranbir says your eyes influence me to recollect that somebody. Kritika says you are again playing with me and goes. Ranbir goes to her and says he is exceptionally occupied.

Kritika says you told how modest you are, and says she doesn’t care for those young ladies who tail him. Ranbir requests that her not tail him. Jiana reveals to Kritika that Pummy and Ishani would have made her Nimbu pain in the event that she had held up there. They snicker. Ranbir quits hearing her giggle and grins. Akki comes there. Ranbir reveals to him that he is feeling miserable for her. Akki says she is chuckling. Ranbir says she will cry now. Kritika reveals to Jiana that Ranbir is following her. Jiana hurries to him. Kritika comes in the middle of them and takes a selfie with them.




Ishani goes ahead stage. Ranbir sees her name as Ishani. He is astonished as he thought kritika is Ishani.


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