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Kasam 18th May 2018 Written Update


Kasam 18th May 2018 Written Update


Kasam 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts with Ranbir declaring Ishani as Ms Ghatkoper. Ishani gets glad. Pummy and others get glad. Ranbir influences her wear to crown. Ishani slips and falls in Ranbir’s arms. Kritika requests that he abandon her in harsh tone. She at that point acknowledges and requests that Jiana abandon her hand, says she needs to applaud.

Pummy discloses to Ranbir that she is Ms. Ghatkoper’s mum. Ranbir calls her close relative Ji, mummy ji, mam ji. Jiana comes and expresses gratitude toward Ranbir. Ranbir sees Kritika and asks who is she? Kritika says she is Jiana’s sister, Kritika. Ranbir asks what and couldn’t articulate her name.

Pummy says Shakespeare had said what is in the name. Akki says we should go as Indian form is excessively. Kritika thinks Ranbir is selfish. Ranbir asks did you say? Kritika says no. Ranbir goes. Pummy requests that Ishani come. Jiana asks Kritika what was that, left hand? Kritika says nothing and requests that her come.

Ranbir discloses to Akki that she yelled and goes frantic when she sees me with the young lady. Akki says she is devoted fan. Ranbir says I need to accomplish something. Kritika reveals to Jiana that she generally observed him with two young ladies. Jiana says you should think him off-base. Ishani turns out and embraces her dad. They sit in auto. Arun requests that Kritika run with them, however, she requests that he go and says she will return home. Jiana says they will get back home together.

Ranbir stops Kritika and inquires as to for what reason did she do that inside. Kritika asks what? Ranbir says have you gone distraught and says wherever I go, you tail me and come in my fantasies, recollections and creative energy. He at that point says what dialect I am utilizing? Akki says yes. Kritika says English parrot have moved toward becoming desi. They contend.

Kritika requests that him not take after her or her sisters. Akki says Jiana is sweet. Kritika says I couldn’t care less whichever Kapoor you are, and says you came behind me like a puppy. She says in the event that you had not halted us, at that point we would have achieved home in an auto. Akki offers to lift. Kritika denies and takes Jiana coercively. Akki reveals to Ranbir that Jiana is great.

Mahima asks Balraj what is he considering and gets some information about the young lady? Balraj says he needs to bring her home as a little girl. Mahima says we can make her bahu. Balraj gets upbeat. She gets some information about the home. Balraj says nothing. Ranbir and Akki return home. Mahima discloses to them that Balraj was missing them. Ranbir asks truly? Balraj says yes.

Ranbir says I missed you a bit. We cherish you. Balraj says I have seen a young lady for you, I mean for marriage. Ranbir says no, never. Kritika and Jiana achieve home. Kritika inquires as to whether Chachi will get irate as we got late. Jiana says no. Pummy tells that Ishani made Ranbir Kapoor passionate and he called her magnificence with brains. She offers credit to herself. Jiana clicks their pic.

Balraj says she is one out of millions. Ranbir says I don’t need. Balraj says you require a partner and might settle down. Ranbir says no, never. Pummy requests that Kritika bring blade from the kitchen. Kritika brings cut. Pummy requests that she make pakodas and bring there. Kritika makes pakodas. Jiana is going to go to the kitchen, however, Pummy stops her. Ishani cuts the cake and makes everybody eat. Kritika comes there. Jiana takes her to have cake. Akki requests that Balraj unwind as Ranbir chose a young lady for himself. Ranbir asks what and asks who is she? Akki says she is Kritika.




Kritika and Ranbir come to the sanctuary. Her hairs touch his face. Ranbir sees something.


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