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Kasam 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kasam 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Ranbir supposing what did he see? Kritika thinks why the sanctuary is known, and what is she seeing which is obscured. Ranbir thinks this is going on with me out of the blue. He tells that there is something abnormal. Kritika supposes what is the sign which she needs to state? Kritika swings to go and her hairs fall all over. They both implore. Ranbir supposes for what reason did he feel that young lady? Kritika sits tight for auto and thinks to take the lift.

She supposes she will get late and requests the lift. Akki stops the auto. Kritika expresses gratitude toward him and sees Ranbir. Akki says she waved for lift. He requests that he give lift. Kritika inquires as to whether he has a psyche. She admonishes Akki for supporting his sibling. Akki calls her bhabhi ji. Kritika requests that him not call bhabhi and requests that he give some cerebrum to his sibling. Ranbir gets down from the auto and tells that he is additionally possessive for his siblings. He says you are extremist, an impassioned aficionado of mine. Kritika says I am not your fan.

Ranbir requests that her leave his direction. Kritika says we both won’t take after each other, and says I am not your fan, I have nothing in my heart for you. Ranbir supposes it is great that she is no more. Ranbir says Indian young ladies can’t hold up under dismissal. Akki says in the event that she went to suicide. They take after her in their auto.

Kritika and balraj go to the house. Malishka comes there and says we will meet every day now. She goes. Mahima asks who is this young lady? Ranbir stops her auto and says there are more motivations to live. Kritika She supposes he is distraught and needs assistance. She composes something. Ranbir says you can’t do this, as it is a wrongdoing. He says such things happen when discouraged.

Kritika requests that him not make nonexistent Pulao. She requests that he read the note and says you won’t lament. She says all the best and requests that him not take after her regardless of whether she kicks the bucket. Akki requests that Ranbir read it. Ranbir requests that he read and let him know. Akki peruses mental clinic number and address and says she has tricked you. Ranbir requests that he go and get paper-pen for him.

Mahima discloses to Balraj that you fouled up by not illuminating Ranbir. Balraj says I need to consent to the condition to remain here. Mahima says what I will tell on the off chance that he asks me. Balraj says let them come, I will clarify them. Kritika calls Jiana and tells that the legal counsellor is inaccessible. Jiana requests that she get back home. She sees Ranbir and Akki in the auto and discloses to Jiana that she is exceptionally unfortunate.

She closes the call seeing Ranbir following her. She sings to him and inquires as to why is he following her. She requests that he avoid her. Ranbir says this occurs in such circumstance, and says I have an answer for your concern. Kritika says I gave you an answer and requests that they go to mental healing facility. Ranbir says I have some stuff of yours and says all my sensitivity is for you. He gives her envelope.




Kritika gets back home. Jiana sees cash dropping out of an envelope. Kritika reveals to her that she doesn’t know from where it came. Jiana requests that she unwind.


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