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Kasam 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasam 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kasam 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Kritika telling that he is my dad just and after that says Chacha Ji resembles my dad. Arun says yes, Chacha resembles a father. Kritika says when I am remaining here, I will deal with my sisters and home. Pummy requests that her have halwa and asks where she will do work. She inquires as to whether she will land position in parlor. Jia says Kritika is a legal counselor by calling. Kritika says she needs to do hone and for that she needs to do temporary position. Pummy inquires as to whether she will gain 7-8 thousands. Kritika says 10-15 thousands. Pummy gets cheerful and serves her more halwa. Akki asks Ranbir what was the deal? Ranbir discloses to her that wherever that young lady meets him, something happens. Akki says Dhamaka is occurring before she met you, what will happen on the off chance that she meets you. Arun reveals to Kritika that he is feeling pleased to realize that she is a

legal counsellor. Kritika doesn’t think about me and says let it be. Arun says I am glad that you have blended with my family so soon, and furthermore apologizes to her as he can’t view her as his little girl. Kritika says I am here for my mum and not for you. He says I can’t acknowledge you. Kritika says she doesn’t need and tells that the regard which she is giving is of her mum. She calls him Chacha Ji and says she doesn’t know whether he will acknowledge her or not ever.

Ranbir gets Anirudh’s call and he inquires as to whether he can go to the inn. Ranbir says alright. Kritika and Jia hear shoe sound. Jia requests that she come. They see Isha doing a feline walk. Jassi comes and says she made the natural products salve for Isha. Pummy requests that Isha apply it all over. She discloses to Jassi that Kritika isn’t having the father. Kritika says my dad is alive, however, is missing since long, on the off chance that he comes in front of me then likewise I can’t distinguish him. Pummy approaches Kritika to bring water for Jassi.

Akki instructs Ranbir that he doesn’t have an inkling, as the young lady is carrying some other young lady with her. Ranbir says I will bring it for you. Jia discloses to Isha that they should make tea for everybody. Kritika makes tea and gets some information about bread rolls. Jia says Papa won’t have tea without bread rolls. She inquires as to for what reason do you realize that I call you Kittu. Kritika inquires as to why? Jia says Mumma is constantly after Isha, and I used to feel forlorn, yet now I am feeling decent. Kritika embraces her and calls her more youthful sister.

A man accompanies his goons. Pummy and Arun get strained. Arun calls him Ashok. Ashok inquires as to whether Naagin chomps you. Pummy requests that Jassi go. Jassi takes off. Ashok calls Mata Ji to Pummy. He inquires as to whether he got her on intrigue. He looks eyes Isha. Pummy signs her to go. Jia discloses to Kritika that Papa had taken some cash from Corporation which he couldn’t reimburse him and that is the reason he entered home and gets out of hand with them. Kritika says she will go and handle him. Jia says Papa will deal with. Ashok undermines Arun to give cash.

Ranbir and Akki come to date the young ladies. Akki likes the young lady. He asks what you might want to have? The young lady says Ranbir and says whatever he takes, I will take it. Ranbir orders scotch. She arranges same. Pummy tells that they have no sugar and requests that Kritika brings sugar. Kritika says alright and requests cash. Jia says you may have cash. Kritika looks on.

Precap: Akki discloses to Ranbir that he spoke such a great amount about the young lady and asks what is her name? Ranbir looks on.


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