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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kulfi pondering her bag, and says mama, what will I do now, Sikander going by and has played a tune in his car, kulfi hears that song. Amyra moving before left right, says that filthy kid is gone I’m so happy, lovely strolls to Amyra and says what are you doing, Amyra says that grimy kid you tossed him out I’m so happy,I’m going to party, lovely says Amyra it’s a critical day Roshan Kumar will be warmth and you can’t sing so bad,Amyra says mother what did you say,Amyra going to have a cold drink,lovely says stop.

Amyra says you won’t have anything frosty till this meeting, Amyra says enough mother and tosses the glass, what’s your concern mother you chastened dada first and after that me, what’s my blame in the event that I can’t sing,I loathe you and everybody and leaves. Dadi hears that and says dazzling quiet down she is a kid, lovely says she never listens, Dadi says circumstance is the thing that makes her angry, lovely asks what, Dadi says your partition demonstration influenced her miracle and I do know it was Sikanders fault,and recall don’t bring it to Amyra that will annoy her like now, lovely says approve.

Kulfi with the BMC uncle,he asks where is your home disclose to me I will drop you there,kulfi recalls mom requesting that her not inform anything regarding her town or parents,uncle says don’t stress if your folks hit you I will drop you to police headquarters and they will converse with your parents,kulfi thinks goodness know whether this happens and they take me back home mother and his diligent work all will go futile and I don’t have mothers pack.

Amyra says mother I’m rehearsing since morning and tomorrow, lovely recalls father requesting that exclude Sikanders guardians and since Dadi is close by says with the goal that tomorrow you will be huge star and Amyra when I was my way back a little child was singing so well for what reason wouldn’t you be able to sing like him, and you are Sikanders, daughter,Amyra says alright at that point to get him and make him sing, lovely says affirm then I will influence him to sing at that point.

Flawless gets down and stars searching for who that kid was,a man going by says his name was kulfi,lovely thinks goodness god kulfi is that boy, and says are you certain and clarifies the look,he says yes precisely same and BMC individual took him away,lovely going to go,Sikander comes there and asks where to, lovely says nothing you go home I will return in 5.

Kulfi at flag gradually gets down the van, lovely observes the BMC van and keeps running towards it, she checks in the van and sees nobody and asks the individual where is kulfi, he says right behind,lovely says dumb couldn’t take care of a little boy,lovely begins searching for kulfi all around.

Sikander asks jagira,how is kulfi,lovely reprimanded him is he fine,jagir says he exited the house,I don’t know where,Sikander says what do you mean by that rapidly go search for him,jagira says he cried a lot, he won’t come, Sikander says give me his photo I will search for him,jagira says I will search for the pic,jagira leaves room and says god I’m stuck now, Sikander tries calling stunning.

Flawless finds kulfi sitting in a corner and gets exceptionally upbeat and says thank you god and strolls to her, lovely says I know you are furious I reprimanded you right,I’m sorry and older folks do botch too,and cmon you can rebuff me, kulfi says alright remain on one foot,lovely says alright and remains on one foot,kulfi says alright enough,and I know it’s tough,we kids realize that not at all like you elders, you tossed me out of the house and discloses to her what all happened.

Flawless strolls to her and wipes her tears, kulfi embraces her and begins crying, lovely embraces her back and says cmon how about we go home, and picks her in her arms and takes her home,security says she is all in mud how did you, ma’am,,lovely grins puts her down and with pipe pours water on kulfi, kulfi appreciates it, lovely pondering kulfis voice, and requests that cleaning specialist take kulfi and become her scarce. Kulfi asks her will you enable me to discover my bag, lovely says yes guarantee.


Precap: exquisite says I rapidly need to record kulfis Voice and offer it to Amyra. Kulfi in a room moving and her pagdi comes off, lovely thumps the entryway and says I’m coming, kulfi says gee golly in the event that she finds I’m a young lady at that point.


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