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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Sikander going to leav eto search for kulfi, Jonny accompanies her bag,Sikander going to open it sees his hireling and hand sit to him,lovely and kulfi come there,Sikander cheerful to see them,Jonny races to kulfi,kulfi says did you miss me I did too,love,y says Sikander I’m as of now liable in regards to being inconsiderate to kulfi and you were appropriate about our marriage and I trust despite everything you regard me, Sikander says yes I do, Mayra strolls to them and inquires as to why is he back again, lovely says he will remain with us for few days.

Amyra says no ways first singing weight and now this torcher, Sikander says no Amtrak you shouldn’t state all this, lovely says kulfi come let me take you to your room, get changed or else you will come down with bug and even your throat might be affected,Kulfi says my room,lovely says yes yours come and lifts her up and takes her alongside her to demonstrate her room,Amyra says for whom should I be whiz and gets furious and takes off.

Kulfi says I can rest in little place as well yet such huge room, it’s so beautiful,I can see sky from here, lovely say you loved it, kulfi says yes, lovely says then it’s yours, and till your pack is discovered stay here, you are my visitor and your solace is my duty,kulfi embraces her and says you are so sweet, lovely say thank you now change I will get you food, lovely clear out.

Kulfi begins hopping on the bed.lovely says thank god I discovered him now let me record his voice and Amyra will simply do drawling it’s an impeccable plan,kulfi entire moving her Pagdi comes off,kulfi sees reflect and says God help us now I’m a girl,l ovely thumps the entryway and says kulfi turn out sustenance is ready,k ulfi gets scared,s he begins searching for pagdi and recalls mother words that she won’t be a young lady unless she meets her dad,l ovely says alright coming in.

Sikander strolls to irate amyra, and asks what’s the matter with my princess,amyra says my life is over,Sikander begins laughing,amyra says quit chuckling didn’t you see mom,s he doesn’t love me,Sikander says she is simply helping that little boy,h is mother isn’t here so,she adores you a lot,she lifted him up yet never me,Sikander says on the grounds that I’m here for you,and she cherishes you the most in the world,amyra says I would prefer not to discuss that messy kid and do you cherish me,Sikander says yes I adore you,Sikander says then guarantee me you won’t love some other infant aside from me.

Kulfi says don’t come in, I’m not completely ready,lovely says I will enable you to like I help amyra, kulfi says however we aren’t same she is young lady and I’m boy, lovely says alright I’m going you come soon, lovely says when will I record him and when will amyra learn verses amyra can’t free this chance. Kulfi checks whether beautiful delicate and turns out and begins looking where her pagdi is.sikander says promise, I will love amyra she is my girl and hits the dance floor with her,kulfi sees them together and keeping in mind that taking a gander at them the towel from her hair comes off, kulfi in tears.


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