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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Exquisite says kulfi it’s said we ought to dependably start with sweet so Hera have this current donut,how’s it,kulfi says it’s yum,Amyra sees dazzling being yearning and minding towards kulfi and is jealous, lovely says kulfi will you sing for me,kulfi says yes I will, lovely says sing then, kulfi says I don’t sing like this, the sing turns out on its own, lovely says when will it at that point.

Mayra says left right get me donuts, soda, ice creams everything that villager is having, what mother figured I can’t have these on the off chance that she won’t give me,I will arrange for it,left right go at the present time get me all of this,left says madam asked you not to,Amyra says I need it and on the off chance that she needs she will come and stop me, Sikander says Amyra what’s wrong why are you so angry,Amyra says dada why is mother acting this way, I have a craving for having ice cream, Sikander says quietly down my princess your dada will get you dessert and will converse with mother as well.

Kulfi says to stunning I don’t recollect when I had eaten so much last time, lovely says alright at that point sing now your stomach is full right, kulfi says no I’m full so I’m sleepy, lovely says you shouldn’t rest when you are full, kulfi mumbles a song,lovely says sing cmon,kulfi says I don’t feel like I use to sing when I use to hear new melody or mother use to scold,lovely says I have new tunes hear them,kulfi says goodness I heard this tune in Pathankot,kulfi thinks gracious shot I said pathankot and takes a gander at flawless and she is uninformed and says thank god she is u aware,kulfi says it’s loud hear in town there was music ever where lovely says I will successfully influence you to sing and says think this is your town.

Kulfi asks by what method will I believe it’s my village,lovely makes her believe it’s her town and keeping in mind that playing around harms her leg,kulfi begins singing by taking a gander at lovely,lovely says for what reason did you quit sing more,kulfi says you fell so I sang you won’t fall always, lovely go about as though she is hurt,kulfi begins singing,Sikander hears and strolls towards the room, lovely figures by what means will I record I need to go about as though I have fallen down, and sees strides at the entryway and says kulfi shhh, Sikander leaves.

Beautiful says kulfi accompany me and takes her to music room,kulfi doesn’t enter and says Sikander sir hasn’t allowed,lovely says don’t stress I’m with you. Sikander gets Amyra ice cream.lovely on Sikanders workstation begins recording kulfi and says sing now, kulfi begins singing, Sikander hears her voice and believes is somebody in music room and says I will be back Amyra and leaves, kulfi begins missing Nimrat, love,y feels awful for kulfi, tuning in to her verses and is in tears, kulfi in tears too. kulfi completes her tune and wipes her tears, lovely supposes I wish even Amyra could sing like him then I would gladly say this is the Sikanders little girl.

Kulfi says you are filling my voice in this and is happy,l ovely says yes your voice, you will leave when you will get your sack and after that when I will miss you I can tune in to this,kulfi says you will miss me,lovely says we are companions now right we had a fabulous time today and you realize what companions do,kulfi says they have snacks together,lovely says they keep secrets,and the mystery is I will demonstrate this melody to Sikander and till then you won’t sing infront of anyone,kulfi says he will be cheerful tuning in to my voice,lovely says yes,kulfi supposes he will tune in to my songs and will be glad and I will get some information about my father,lovely says so guarantee you will keep our secret,kulfi says guarantee.

Kulfi says I will tell everything aside from one thing my mom has asked not to, lovely says approve and hears footsteps, and Sikander opens the entryway and sees beauty in the room,kulfi taking cover behind the sofa,lovely says I was reclaiming up of photographs come how about we talk it’s imperative and winks at kulfi.

lovely discloses to Sikander your mother said our battles are influencing Amyra and I think she is right,Sikander begins chuckling and says you think my mother is right, lovely says cmon you know I can do anything for Amyra and to get along together we as a whole ought to go film together everybody Bhaiya bhabhi everyone, lovely embraces Sikander and thinks once his family leaves for motion picture I will come up with a rationalization and remain home with Amyra and after that she will perform for roshan.kulfi says stunning is so pleased she will enable me to discover my sack and furthermore enable me to converse with sikander sir.


Precap :


flawless says Amyra this pen drive has an excellent tune and you will hear it and take in its verses and tomorrow act, Amyra says no sad I won’t do this and utilize another person’s voice I’m going to dada and disclosing to him what you are up to.Amyra dashes kulfi and pen drive fall off her hand, Sikander and beautiful there as well.



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