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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Amyra having ice cream, lovely strolls to her and says baby,amyra says what you thought If you invest energy with grimy kid I will have no one, I have my dada,lovely says on the off chance that you wanna have frozen yogurt have it nobody will stop you,amyra inquires as to for what reason don’t I need to sing tomorrow Roshan uncle,lovely shuts the entryway and says nobody knows in regards to him coming so quite,amyra says then don’t I need to sing, lovely says you need to perform not sing,amyra says like, in films, lovely says yes this pen drive has a tune you need to take in the lyrics, you need to do lipsing,and he will love you and select you.

Amyra asks the mother who sang this song, lovely says don’t trouble in regards to it, just centre around performance, Amyra takes the pen drive and says no ways I’m going and educating dada what you are up to, Amyra dashes kulfi and

the pen drive falls in Sikanders feet, kulfi takes a gander at exquisite and sees Sikander get the pen drive, Amyra says dada mother is,lovely says Amyra you shouldn’t keep running in corridors,kulfi asks what,lovely says watchful you may get hurt and run play with Jonny he should miss you, kulfi surges out.

Dazzling says Amyra come here and whispers child don’t you recollect your birthday thus on the off chance that you wanna resemble dada and make him proud, Sikander says let me know too,lovely grins and says it’s our private right Amyra, Amyra gestures yes, lovely says go Amyra, lovely says Sikander how about we go supper to after motion picture go converse with your family.

Kulfi conversing with stars and says mama I ate English sweet and beautiful maam is same as you yet she enables me to sing dissimilar to you and let me sing my new tune for you and sings and says sorry mama I can’t sing further in light of the fact that I need to conceal this from everybody let me discover a place where nobody can see me and hear me.

Dadi discovering her specs, Sikander strolls to her and takes it from her forehead,dadi supposes it Mahendra, however, takes a gander at Sikander and keeps quiet, Sikander says let me wash the glasses give me and goes to washroom, kulfi stowing away outside washroom pipelines and singing,Sikander hears the melody through the tap,he gets confused,kulfi takes a gander at the star.

Sikander confounded says why I hear a child sing from pipe lines must be my creative ability and leaves,kulfi says mama it was great right, Sikander gives dadi her specs and says, mama, till when will you not to converse with me,atleast admonish me,dadi says I know you lament your confuse yet I’m stressed for your little girl don’t let your past demolish your future, Sikander says you addressed dazzling right, she informed me and we talked concerning it we won’t let amyra influence as a result of us and flawless has arranged motion picture and supper together entire family for amyra,amyra will be so happy,dadi says beautiful arranged this,Sikander says yes she is attempting and she disclosed to me it was you who told her,dadi says on the off chance that she needs us to be a piece of her family we will come.

Cutie says stunning without Sikanders see you are doing this current it’s not correct, lovely says father has no issue for what reason do you have as always, cutie says you have such a large number of issues all as a result of your dad, lovely says it’s al secured and tells entire plan,amyra says mother you are making me liar as well and what’s the matter with my voice why are you doing all this,lovely says you require hone nectar and that will require significant investment and you know motion picture will be presently thus we require this agreement and you wanna be genius right so pass by heart the lyrics, cutie says Sikander will never like this and this will destroy your marriage,amyra gets scared,lovely says mother quit terrifying my daughter,amyra asks mother whose voice is this,lovely says stop it al this simply go center around tomorrow.

Jagira and kulfi having nourishment together, jagir inquires as to why you offering sustenance to me, kulfi says you imparted your nourishment to me as it’s a return, jagir asks what did you do to flawless Maam that she turned out to be so happy,kulfi says I appealed to master and see she agreed,jagir asks what are you hiding,kulfi says I am however can’t share it’s our secret,maid calls kulfi and says beautiful is calling you.

Exquisite with workers approaches them to search for kulfi bag,left says really sir had discovered it and he gave me and after that Jonny took it away, kulfi says it was my mom’s that was just thing I had and I need to go station today around evening time in what capacity will I confront mother now.




Dazzling says jagir takes him to a station, kulfi says yet my bag, lovely says until further notice goes and search for your mom. Roshan with dazzling and her family, Amyra tosses pen drive from a window and says in the event that you don’t regard my emotions mother I won’t regard yours, kulfi comes upstairs and says here’s your thing in which you recorded my voice.


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