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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Kulfi is strained that her sack has disappeared and in the night she needs to go to the station and what will she reply to her uncle. Male hireling says that he supposes there is the apparition at home. Kulfi embraces Lovely and is frightened with the word phantom. Dazzling advises hireling to quiets down and discover Kulfi’s pack.

Kulfi demands to seek sack with them. Stunning concurs. Kulfi keeps running behind them. Beautiful discloses to Cutie that entire arrangement is set. Cutie cautions her by and by however Lovely doesn’t concur.

Flawless is sitting with Amyra’s test book and when Sikander goes into the room she executes her arrangement. She persuades Sikander to continue with the arrangement and they both will join for supper after she shows her the lessons. Sikander concurs and runs with family. Amyra is disturbed to mislead her daddy. Flawless and Amyra are both twinning for the house party.

Stunning offers cash to the hireling (professing to be Kulfi’s granddad) to do timepass and after that abandoned her at a station. Kulfi is cheerful and embraces Lovely. They talk about the mystery talk and Kulfi clears out. In transit, she advises goodbye to stunned Amyra.

Amyra is exceptionally furious with her mom for spoiling Kulfi. Be that as it may, Lovely advises her to quit battling on senseless issues and take in the verses of the melody. Amyra leaves furiously.

Roshan Kumar and his significant other Devika achieve the house before the time. Flawless discloses to her mother father to think of refreshments and supper. Roshan discloses to Devika that Amairya sings seriously and he can’t deny because of good relations with family. Be that as it may, she can positively dismiss as she isn’t straightforwardly associated. Stunning comes and they change the theme.

Amyra tosses the pen drive out of the window and it arrives up in Kulfi’s grasp. Kulfi recollects Lovely chronicle her voice in it and backpedals again to give it. She botches Devika to be Lovely and gives her the pen drive and uncovers that she got it from above and her voice is recorded in it. Dazzling is totally blanked out for a minute, however, gets it together and deceives Devika.

Cutie secures Kulfi space to not make promises the issue. Exquisite is extremely irate with Amyra and gets some information about the pen drive. She lies that she is seeking for a long time. Stunning gives her the pen drive. Amyra declines to lip match up on another person’s tune.

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