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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th May 2018 Written Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th May 2018 Written Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts with Sikander encourages her to get up, Sikander says where did this water come from, kulfi begins slamming the door, Sikander opens the entryway and kulfi embraces him,amyra gets jealous,kulfi says for what reason did you do this to me,my mom probably left now,how will I survive now where will I go,and begins crying,Sikander embraces her and says no dear you don’t cry like this, you are an overcome girl, Sikander takes a gander at amyra and sees she is disturbed and in tears.

Sikander strolls to Amyra and lifts her too,Amyra takes a gander at kulfi.sikander takes them both away.cutie says this kid tossed water to take revenge,lovely says mother he is a kid, he needed to see mama, cutie says stunning stress in regards to amyra and kulfi in the event that anybody reveals to Sikander reality you will be in torment.

Kulfi says what will I do now, Sikander says quit crying cmon great boy, and I’m here for you nothing will happen to you and I will request that your nanu discover your mother.

Sikander strolls to lovely.amyra gives kulfi tissue and demonstrates to her generally accepted methods to wipe them, Sikander says for what reason did you do this, lovely says mother more likely than not done that she used to do with me too, Amyra takes the tissue back and prods kulfi.

Beautiful says kulfi come here don’t cry, you will discover everything and embraces her, Sikander dresses like jokester utilizing family stuff and sings for kulfi to cheer her, kulfi and Amyra begin giggling seeing Sikander act clever.

Amyra embraces Sikander and says dada you are so funny, lovely goes and joins them, kulfi figures for what reason don’t I have this happiness, mama was there and I lost him too, I have nobody no ma, no papa, no mom.

Sikander says dada you won’t go to him accompany me is my story, Sikander signs flawless to go to kulfi.jagira says madam I sent my man yet his mom isn’t there,kulfi says look I’m sad to stop crying, lovely says we will discover your sack and mama, left right presently go get her pack and you won’t rest till at that point.

Stunning says cmon rest kulfi by tomorrow we will have your sack and afterward search for your mama.lovely says jagirs care for him and I don’t need his voice to come out.amyra says dada I was great young lady today, Sikander says what is it,Amyra says it’s unexpected when things will get last I will tell you, lovely strolls and says did she sleep.sikander says yes and asks what’s the secret, lovely says nothing essential unwind.

Stunning says I have something vital to share, you have changed such a great amount of and for the good, our past was difficult and we will choose the future, and so please return to our room, only in the event that you want, Sikander says off base I do.sikander says exquisite you know there’s something in this kid kulfi and in light of him somehow we came closer and embraces beautiful,

Jagira strolls to kulfi and causes her to fall asleep. lovely contemplating the mystery she has escaped Sikander, kulfi awakens and goes to god and says you helped me with nourishment last time get me my back too.kulfi sees her pack




Roshan calls exquisite says Amyra voice is her character I can’t consider whatever else. Sikander is given check by Roshan and said this is recording sum and recording will be, Sikander says I can sing today as well, Roshan says I was talking in regards to Amyra.



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